Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Look Back. UST Paskuhans.

As much as I'm concern, I actually haven't missed a single Paskuhan. Meaning my miscellaneous fee didn't go to nothing. If you're a Thomasian, you get what I mean, yeah? Okay not really bitter or anything about it. AT ALL. I'm just saying. And if you're not a Thomasian, you don't have the right to say anything about it. Maybe you're bitter.

Okay moving on...I won't really go into details because I probably forgot what happened already. I mean, it's been years. Literally.

The first Paskuhan I went to was not that bad, not that good either, like, maybe it's because I went out super early but the fireworks display cooperated and showed almost at the beginning of the program. Nice.

The first Paskuhan that I finished everything would probably be this one. Or did I finish this? Yeah, I think so. It's the Paskuhan that actually celebrated UST's 400 YEARS. This time, I went with my cousin. 

The girl with fringe is actually a second degree friend that I met that time. 

I noticed how bigger my group of friends get. I'm proud of myself. LOL.

Saw my seatmate along the way and decided to take a picture. Awesome.

In less than a month, it's Paskuhan once again. And luckily, I will be able to go because you know, right timing is right timing. I feel sorry for the group who wouldn't be able to come though. That's all! :)

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  1. Great photos :)



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