Friday, 30 November 2012

Food Trip. Kazam's.

So right after my graduation picture schedule, as much as I would like to reduce my food intake, I just can't. I actually scheduled a food meeting with my cousin.

Actually, I've heard this restaurant so many times but I don't know why I only had the chance to eat here recently. Like, my classmates would always set this as a meeting place and like hang-out place but I don't know. Like, I didn't even know how to get up in the restaurant.

If you haven't seen the place yet, it's actually in Dapitan, above Simple Line and Cerialicious I believe. Like, you have to look up to see this place or else you're dead. Not literally of course.

Actually got really excited when I saw this wall paper. Not very big but I don't know. I wish they had a bigger Eiffel Tower though. I mean, it's not fair for the Eiffel Tower. So then we concluded that maybe the owner is from Sydney. Yup! May conclusion agad agad.

Buddy picture.

CHINA? Red Iced Tea that they serve with any meals.

JAPAN. Steamed Gyoza that doesn't taste like it. But quite alright.

INDIA. My curry pasta with seafood. Now this one is love. I hope they had a parmessan cheese bottle at the table though so the customers would have the option to add a little more.

Loved this. Like, the curry sauce is so rich that you won't even. LOL. I love the generous amount of seafood in it too. I wish they served more pasta though.

ITALIA. The chicken is actually good. The pizza is so-so. The spaghetti is kind of legit. Or at least it's not ketchup. We had fun eating. The place is nice. Very nice if you want some time alone. Because the place is quite quiet and probably underrated so not much people are coming in. That's all! :)

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