Saturday, 1 December 2012

My Body is Cerealicious Baby. Food Trip.

Quite a lot of food trip going on aye? I'm on a diet so I don't really know what's up. LIFE. The reason being is that right after our Kazam's Food Trip, went down for some cereals.

This wall is just amazing. Like, my cousin and I reviewed everything and sort of judged it already. LOL.

Had to pose of course! LOL. Love the place by the way, the one that I used to go to is actually much smaller than this place and less colorful. 

Onto my cereal! I had Mint Joe Black. I know not everyone likes Minty stuff but I do.

Up close. Like, love. My cousin actually asked me what color did my cereal turned to after mixing because she noticed hers was brown. And I just answered with the truth. MINE'S GONE. LOL.

Us showing our cereals. My cousin had the Pirates I believe. And actually, that's my fave. Oh well. Sometimes, we really have to try something new. Okay. So here's what happened. I actually treated my cousin because I was the one craving for a whole lot of food right? She then spoke and asked "Do you want some more? My treat." WHO WOULD SAY NO TO THAT? One more round in an instant.

:) My back.

I had Crunchformers this time.

Not as good as the first one I think but nonetheless good.

Double meaning peace sign. LOL. I actually asked for her to that because that would mean our second round of cereals. I got tired but I had a fun day. That's all! :)

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