Friday, 23 November 2012


Make it happen! I guess One Direction clearly made their point when they said that we should live while we're young. Because you know, people just live as if they're just waiting for their old friend death. It shouldn't be like that. It's like wasting time and not enjoying the privilege given to us.

So while we're young, why not try to take advantage of the things we can still do while we're on it? Or even though those who are not so young anymore. And I don't mean doing crazy things that aren't good for the health. Nothing like drugs, and stuff.

Probably something like skydiving, cliff jumping, wake boarding, walking a long path, travelling, and all that good stuff. It's fun. Like, let's try to appreciate what we can still do and what we still have. You know what they say, enjoy it while it lasts.

Or maybe something we want to do but afraid of doing it, maybe there's no perfect timing for that. Maybe we are to make the perfect timing. Life's gonna pass us by without even realizing it and the next thing we know, we failed. No one wants to fail of course. We should persevere a little bit in attaining things that we want. Because they might not happen without us making a way for it to happen.

I just feel a little sad for those people who grew old but lack things like experience for them to say that they lived a good life.

It's kind of funny because lately, "life" has been my expression for some reason. Just saying. Not that it's relevant but whatever.

As a final note, I just want to say that we should always do things that will lead us to the things we want in life. Like, if we want something, we shouldn't be afraid. Well, only if it's good.

Have a good life! :)

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  1. Oh yeah , live while we are young , and do what we can do at this moment. Life never gives chances on and on. Pity on those who has chances but they don't use. I personally want to climbing mounts , not now, until I am 18 :)x



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