Friday, 23 November 2012

So long my friend.

Can I just be totally dramatic and tell everyone that I really missed my home girl? Yesterday, totally unexpected, my best friend texted me. OMG. Like, it's been forever.

We've been planning to go out together but time just wouldn't allow us to. Like, with her OJT and with my Internship. So nice. Like, no joke. Might be more than that actually. Because the last time we saw each other was this trip. Click here if you want a look back.

And as expected, we did talk about all that stuff that we used to talk about before. Our lives, experiences, our plans, and all that stuff. But more!

It's actually quite obvious that we didn't see each other for a while because no one's really shutting up. Like, continuous, non-stop, and fun catching up. Looked back at some experiences we had in the past and laughed. Like, hard. Let's just appreciate the picture I took for a while.

I hate how my head looks big though. Like, her head is just small so don't judge. Yeah? LOL. So sorry that her long hair didn't make it. Anyways...

I even joked around and said that I might not see her again until my despedida party before going to Japan. But you know, I shouldn't have said that. But it will happen anyways.

Took picture of our bags. NOTHING. LOL.

We had dinner and kind of walked around and walked some more and all that stuff. Also, we kind of did some camera window shopping because we kind of want to have the same camera. VANITY. LOL.

Got to do this kind of thing more often because it's like insane not to see her that long. That's all! :)


  1. Aww this reminds me my days with my bff , but sadly we are no longer together , she betrayed me :( By the way cute photo of you and her :)


    1. It's alright dear. Maybe she'll realize it soon. Or maybe, you'll meet someone better than her. Someone who will not betray you. :)


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