Thursday, 22 November 2012

Sing Out Loud!

After that dinner we had at Mr. Miyagi, we decided to go straight to Music 21 for a little fun. It's also where I celebrated my 18th Birthday. If you want to check it out a little bit.

They hall way looks festive already. Can't believe how soon Christmas is. It's been like ... FAST.

We didn't order food well we ordered Nachos though.

Even though we were full from that Mr. Miyagi food trip, we were still able to eat almost everything. Almost.

Let me just say that my sister sort of killed it! Like, she's really getting good at singing which I am proud of. Of course. Well it's because I can actually see a potential of her being really good at it. But whatever.

She should practice more and stuff so yeah. I heard we'll be going again next week so just she could sing and enjoy. She really doesn't want to go home last time because she said she still has songs to sing. LOL.

We actually have a magic mic or whatever you call it at home but it's kind of outdated already so she can't sing there because she doesn't even know the songs enlisted there.


That's all! :)

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  1. Yay! I love to sing all the day long :D
    Your T-shirt is cute and lovely :3



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