Sunday, 18 November 2012

Food Trip. Mr. Miyagi.

Mom actually discovered the place because she kind of passed by it on her way to another restaurant that she asked me to search.

Here are some of the grillables that we got. Let me just say that they actually provide a "special sauce" for you to dip the grilled stuff. Nothing special. Quite alright. Tasty.

Grilling in action. :) It's really quite fun to grill stuff and all that. But the food itself, not really much to look forward to. I must say that the corn I grilled is love. LOL.

Lucky for us that we were the first to arrive and that we didn't actually have to queue and all that.

Here are the grillables. They kind of serve it in a small tray if you ask me. Should have been bigger if they want the clients to have that festive feel.

Sushi! But not really so much. Taste wise. But quite alright.

Desert! Gotta be my favorite. Of course. I think I had like 6 scoops of ice cream overall. Love! Gotta love the Leche Flan of course.

I also like their almond jelly thingy. And then salad. They also had some fruits but didn't feel like eating it. And then they also had Ube Cake which I swear looks unappetizing.

That's all! :D


  1. Yum Yum :D I love to sneak this type of posts containing a lot of food :3 I love to eat ice-cream in Winter :D
    Your new follower , Aree :)

    1. Ice Cream anywhere, anytime! LOL. I love it too! :) Thanks Aree.


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