Saturday, 17 November 2012

Dior Tour De Rouges 200. A Review.

Again, not really an in depth review of the product. Just a little bit of "first impression" thingy that people do. This one's gonna be like that as well. Oh well.

So the packaging is quite nice. Quite catchy. It's really compact too. Like, approximately as tall as a lipstick tube. Well, maybe a little more but you get the point.

It also came with a lip brush. Which is probably not gonna be so helpful because you have to kind of wash it everytime you would decide to wear another color.

The first three are kind of irrelevant but I'm sure they're pretty. I personally like the fourth color best. The last color is kind of a lot for me.

Picture above is the last color in the palette. I mean, it's probably great for theme parties but not for my everyday use.

The fourth color though is still a little bit too orange-y for me. I might just mix it up or whatever to get my desired color. The application of the first three colors in the palette is kind of smooth and just perfect but the fourth and fifth are kind of drier. I don't know why but there's really a remarkable difference. Other than that, nothing much. It really feels light on which is good.

That's all. :)

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