Saturday, 17 November 2012

More Pictures From Subic. A Look Back.

Can we just look back for a little while? Great.

Let me just start with this. We had this as a baon for our Subic trip like, years ago. And just because it's Dukbokki, it actually attracted me.

But it wasn't that good. It's just have the shape of the rice cake and basically, sweet and a little bit spicy.

Although that's really how Dukbokki should taste like, it really doesn't taste like Dukbokki. Weird. I know.

Anyways. Can I just say that my nail is love?  I'm really random at putting dots. LOL. I can't believe my Nail Dot made it this far. Bravo!

I hope this kind of thing will be preserved. I mean, a lot of the things left to us are kind of damaged already so yeah. I hope things like this will remain like this in the future.

I don't actually know if it's legal but we crushed the chips I'm holding in the picture to a very small pieces to feed the fishes.

Look at my face for a second though. The sun is up so that's why I'm squinting like that. I don't usually squint like that. Haha

Look at them coming. 

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