Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My 18th Birthday. A Look Back.

The reason being is I didn't have a proper blog back then. I guess. I think. I dunno. But anyways. Here are some photos from my birthday. Like, last 2 years. But whatevers.

What happened was, since we can't actually have a big big celebration on my very birthday, we actually divided the party into 3. I believe.

Be warned! Lots of photos. Okay? So let's get started.

After class was when we decided to actually have a celebration. February 13 2010. Chinese New Year and stuff. So yeah. Luckily, one of my Chinese friends actually made it and for that, I was really grateful. LOL. Drama much. So what I liked about this first celebration is that I got to invite my high school and college friends altogether. Like, ain't that awesome? So yeah. Thanks mom for paying for everything. :D

Just chilling. I am not sure whether this picture was taken pre or post celebration though. It doesn't matter. LOL.

My friends! Mickey for Mikie, eh? Good thinking guys! Funny how I became the separator of my college (left) and high school (right) friends. My cousin of course is a different story. She's probably a neutralizer or whatever. K. Next.

Somebody explain this picture to me. LOL. I'm so thankful that my high school friends actually came despite our different schedules, universities, and stuff. Love love them.

Three of my closest college friends.

We're unbreakable. Yup!

High school buddy and cousin posing like IDEK. :))

Got bloated. For reals. Like, I can still remember most of the details from what happened and yeah, the food was just too much. A little bit. But we still managed to finish these stuff. 

How sweet of them Thanks to my sisters who actually came and helped us eat this because you know! We just can't anymore.

My sisters who came latter the celebration to actually pick me up and my cousin already.

The next day. My real birthday. February 14 2010.

Had dinner with my family at the mall. And by family, I mean FAAMIILLLYYY. Get it? Yeah, we Filipinos are actually very family oriented so yeah.

My cousin eating halo-halo.

My aunties and my cousin. :)

:) Dropped dad, my sisters, and little cousins at a nearby hotel and then went to a comedy bar. LOL.

My cousin was called in front and stuff and yeah. That was my 18th celebration. Pretty much.

Thanks! :)

Until next time.

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