Thursday, 4 October 2012

Talking' Thursday. Elements.

I just realized that this world is just as beautiful as we thought it isn't. Well, most of us. I can't say that I'm the most perfect person that actually think so positive all the time.

But I always try.

There are just so many thinks to look at and sometimes I can't help but wonder. Such a beautiful world. I know science will have an explanation for every wonder that there is but it's still fascinating. It's as if it's perfectly mend and one just complements the other.


These are my favorite wonders. I like sunrise. It's therapeutic watching the sun go up and do its job. It's always nice to feel its warmth. When I was still working as a call center agent, sunrise means that it's only gonna be a few more minutes of call before I go home. I like the sunset. Well, I like the sunset more. It's a good mark of a day well spent. I mean, even though you did nothing that day. This is a cycle actually.

SUNRISE to start the day. SUNSET to end it and look forward to SUNRISE.

I'm not gonna talk about the other elements but you can only guess that they also give the same sort of significance.

I guess the other point I want to make is that there's always something nice if we'll all try. And that's just nice, isn't it? A world full of positivities.

Travel is another point of the whole thing. Like, some people who live in FRANCE, ITALY, GERMANY, AUSTRIA and some other gorgeous places but people from beautiful countries like that still TRAVEL. Why? Because maybe they want to see more. More than there is. More than what they have. Or maybe they want to see wonders. Like all of us.

So yeah. Whatever. I just think that if we will be more open to possibilities, there will be more opportunities. Opportunity to grow, learn, and see wonders.

Can you just do yourself a favor and search for Coldplay's What a Wonderful World cover on YouTube. And yes. The video I'm talking about is the one that'll be immediately followed by Fix You. Have a nice day.

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