Sunday, 25 August 2013

My First Time Tag

Hola guys! Okay this tag is quite famous on YouTube and I don't really YouTube and by that I mean I don't do one for myself so I guess I'm just gonna blog it because you know, I blog! :D These are just random first times. Enjoy!


1. FIRST DISNEYLAND VISIT. Well my mom told me that she visited Disneyland whilst carrying me inside her still so that's probably the first time. I don't know when or what age I visited next but probably 2 because I can walk already. 

2. FIRST CELLPHONE. This time I remember very well. My first cellphone is a Motorola (don't know the unit) and it's a black and white phone (actually yellow and black) with antenna! I had my first phone when I was in 4th grade and I was really so excited that moment because my mom was like, you phone is upstairs. Precious.

3. FIRST TIME I LOST A PHONE. I believe I was in second year high school when I lost a phone. Not a good experience. This is what happened. After class, we would actually hang-out (so high school) and then one of our crushes who already graduated high school and transferred school already, visited the school and then we probably freaked out or something and went a little closer to him and then I actually remember one of my friends borrowed my phone and then whoever's holding it probably left it unattended and then when we returned, I didn't know that it's lost already because all along, I thought someone's holding it inside their pocket and stuff and then when I went home, I realized that the phone is not with me and literally called everyone. You know what happened. Goodbye phone. It's a Nokia 3200 which my mom bought for 10000 pesos (?) I don't know why it's that expensive that time. Oh well. 

4. FIRST TIME BEING BULLIED. I don't know for sure but one I can't forget is this. When I was in third grade, I don't know. I have probably said something that offended him or something but a guy named Meryll Anderson literally attacked my face and arms and he punched me like a punching bag seriously. I didn't know what to do and I kind of regret not speaking to anyone about it and yeah. If you're reading this Meryll, I'm not mad. But dude that hurt. For some reason, I don't really mind physical pain but yeah.

5. FIRST BEST FRIEND. This is actually in 4th grade. I was so close with a girl named Leslie. She's half Australian and yeah I miss her. I haven't seen her after that year because she already transferred school. Life goes on.

6. FIRST TWEET. I had to look back and I saw it and got disappointed. Dated May 28 2009, "absolutely nothing". WTF?

7. FIRST BOAT RIDE. I remember my first boat ride being so scary! It's a boat ride to Corregidor and then the boat was like swaying and stuff that we decided not to go to the place anymore. Yeah. That didn't give me fear of the sea or whatever but that experience alone was scary.

8. FIRST FLIGHT. I don't remember my first flight but my grandmother told me that it was in Taiwan. No idea.

9. FIRST ALCOHOLIC DRINK. Screw Driver. I didn't like it a bit. I was in 5th grade that time and yeah it was horrible back then.

10. FIRST JOB. I have a separate post for that but hey, ain't nobody got time for that. It was a call center job which I somehow loved because of the experience and new friends but yeah didn't stay there that long. 

So that's it guys! I tag you all! :)

Friday, 23 August 2013

Goodbye Maring! See you never.

Two years ago, with this kind of weather, I would probably still be thanking the weather because that would mean that the good ol' UST wouldn't have any classes. But the situation is different now. But internship and review classes made me think otherwise. Don't get me wrong though! I still love the rain. But not like what have just happened. That's like five times of what I actually love and that doesn't go hand in hand. Anyways.

This flower is probably the most beautiful thing about this typhoon Maring. Such a survivor! :)

For some reason, my new digital camera decided to focus on the leaves instead of the flower itself. Way to go! 

I really hate the flood! With all the diseases and other disgusting stuff it carries, it really freaks me out that kids like to actually swim and play like it's a pool or something. Please don't! 

Little Mari wants to play
Luckily, it didn't actually rain that much today. Well actually, I was in the review center for quite a long time today so I actually don't know if it rained at all but for most of the time that I was out, Mr.Sun was very visible. And guess what people would complain about this time? HOT WEATHER. Life.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Conjuring 2013. Is it REALLY?

Okay so before anything else, I just want to say that anything I'm about to say is mildly affected by the fact that I watched this movie half-guilty because I skipped my study schedule for the nth time already so that probably affected my capability to absorb the essence of the story. Or is there any?

Okay so the story (according to me) is like this. There's a family who moved into a house in Rhode Island and then they were happy and stuff, right? On the very first day though, they noticed that their dog refused to enter the house. You know how they say that dogs can feel spirits, right? Yeah. She was barking and acting weird and stuff. And then the girls played hide and seek and then since they don't know the whereabouts of that house yet, they somehow managed to knock something and then the father found out that it's a way down to a cellar. He went down and since it was kind of night time already, he wasn't able to see everything and said he'll be back tomorrow or something. And then the other day, the wife woke up and she got a bruise and then she also found out that the dog already died and then found her husband at the cellar. She also found out that for some reason, the clocks stop at 3:07. Which is weird. Okay so fast forward. Weird things have been happening and then the mother kind of freaked out already and asked for assistance from these ghost hunters or whatever you would like to call it. They hesitated at first but when the mother asked the girl hunter about her wanting to protect her daughters, the girl hunter agreed and then they followed to the haunted house the next day.

Can I just say that there was like a light bulb moment when I read the word INFESTATION? It's just that it was discussed during my Parasitology review class and I was like, okay minus one point of guilt! LOL. Okay so they visited the place, right? The girl felt stuff and even saw "the friend" that one of the daughters reckoned to have. And this lady ghost hunter (I kid you not) was chill as eff. And then at some point, the lady of the house told the lady hunter that she was diagnosed to have an iron deficiency that's why she have bruises. Also the name of the witch who used to own their house is named something that sounds but not quite "Bethesda" which has something to do with grading cervical cytology. And I was like, girl! Is this movie supposed to review me or something?

This is probably the scariest part. Like, I was covering my other eye just to prepare for the situation or whatever's coming next which is kind of a disappointment because nothing happened next but this scene itself is kind of scary already so yeah. Very good. Okay can I just say that there are quite a lot of scary parts but for me they are not so consistent so it feels like so-so to me. My sister was scared all through out though so maybe it still depends on the person watching. And also, I kind of read a lot of good reviews about it so maybe it's just me. Can I just say that maybe the reason why I didn't like it is because I kind of feel that the first part of the movie lacked connection to the rest. It's the creepy doll Anabelle and then I don't get the rest of the story because I'm simply wondering what's the connection of that doll to the whole movie aside from scaring the daughter of the ghost busters and just being creepy as it is. I won't tell you the rest of the story guys. But my point is I don't really think the movie is worth the hype (sort of).  I mean it's not crappy but it's not really that scary. Well I'm obviously describing the movie alone because I believe this is like a true to life story and just the idea of that happening in real life kind of freaks the heck out of me already so yeah.

Can I just say that without the cracks and the scary eyes, this looks like the doll my dad bought in France for my sister. This movie doll also kind of looks like the scary and uglier version of the doll I showed you guys here. It scares me. Kind of. But then being the true to life story that this is, this is actually not really how the REAL Anabelle looks like. So fair enough. I have issues with some of the scenes because you know, if that would happen to me, I wouldn't want to know what's happening or something. For example, if I hear a noise, I wouldn't get out of bed and look for the noise or look for my mom or anyone else. Nah-uh! I mean, why would I? I would just shut my eyes, cover myself up with my blanket, pray, and hope for the best! Yup.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Memory Corner | Flashback Friday 6

1. This. I was actually supposed to blog this haul but then again I can't find my camera's memory card where I saved the pictures so yeah. I actually didn't want anything like, my mom told me that she'll buy me blue or green pants daw and I was like, no thank you and she was like, no. You need it. Weird, yeah? And then she also asked me to choose some shoes and I chose that blue shoes which I kind of regret buying even though I've been wearing it religiously. It's just that I think the color kind of faded na and the glitters fell off na. Well most of it. Well it was kind of expected to happen naman pero still. Oh and for some reason, I've been wearing flats a lot lately and it feels weird but anyways.

2. Shabu-Shabu! It's been a while since my last shabu-shabu. I think I was like not a teenager even when I last had this type of food. Or I probably just forgot. This place is not that good but it's cheap daw according to tito so game lang. This is also the first time I saw my tita and cousin again. Well tito as well so it's kind of a reunion thingy. Also, can we just spot my cousin Yoshi who I think was so tired that he can't even anymore.

3. Actually, this happened before number 2 but I figured it doesn't look good on the frame if I would put this on number 2 position so yeah. So this is what happened. I was from my review right? And then I went to my lola's dialysis center and then I saw them there and yeah. After a while, we went to the mall to have lunch right? And then we went to the game center and yeah my cousin actually enjoyed it so much and then he was lucky to be able to hit the jackpot prize like twice daw and yeah he accumulated a lot of tickets and he was able to exchange it to some gummy bears and stuff. And then he fell asleep in the car and yeah number 2 happened. 

4. My mom loves this place called Teresita's at Timog and this is just a picture of my lola eating Kare-Kare which I highly recommend by the way! It's delish.

5. You probably know by now that I am obsessed with sunsets and I think I've shown you quite a lot of sunsets from the same spot but I still find it beautiful everytime.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I'd Like to Use a Lifeline | Camera 360 Sexy Lips

Hola! I've told you guys about my plan of attack this August and to be honest, I feel kind of disappointed to myself. I don't know. It's just that I think I'm not trying hard enough to follow my schedule but anyways.

Unless you're Sandara, it doesn't look quite nice. Sorry. So recently, I've been seeing this type of photos and I'm not pissed or anything but I just don't understand it. I'm pretty sure they're all a fan of my best friend's orange lipstick obsession but then again it kind of looks weird for me. The first time I saw it right, I was like, okay maybe it's just that one. Forgiven, And that after a while, she posted a batch of pictures, placed in an album, with all that sort or orange lips happening. Orange lips is fine. But then when it's kind of fake looking already that even the background is kind of discolored, nah. And then after some time, I saw another friend on Facebook who posted the same thing and I was like, this is too much.

Okay then I asked my sister about it because it's quite destructing me already, she said it's a filter and the app is called Camera 360 so as a form of social experiment, I would like to show you this.
You see why it's destructing? It's because it's not only that lips that are discolored but like quite a lot of things. Now I don't know why but the filter is called SEXY LIPS because it's not only the lips that is affected and it's not actually sexy. It should be named as something like Annoying Orange or things like that. No offense to the people who like the color orange though. And no offense to the people who actually like to use this filter. I'm probably the only one confused by this but whatever. And what will you do when you're confused? Do it again!

And I still didn't like it. It made my eyes kind of orange-y and I look like a sick person here. Seriously though, I would be really scared if I would see someone with those kind of eyes you know.

You know what's more confusing? It's confusing why I'm confused by this. I mean, why do I care? I have a lot of things to memorize and understand for the board exam and here I am, explaining to you guys my observation. LOL. Anyways that's just about it. I hope you guys are having a good break or something like that. I'll see you soon again! :)

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Bonne Chance

Hola guys! I can't believe it's already August! And with that being said, Imma say it ahead now. I might not blog as much this month because it's like less than a month remaining before the board exam and I'm like panicking big time. I constructed my schedule and hopefully I would be able to follow that. I don't have much break but I hope to find time to update you with my life. Oh life. I hope this month would be so  productive so that my MTLE would turn out fantabulous (that's a word?).

I hope you guys have a good month and I hope you guys make the most out of it as well. I seriously envy those who are still on break and just do whatever they want to do. Or like, not do whatever they don't want to do (lazy ass) LOL. I'll see you guys once in a while. Maybe like, twice. And yeah I'll give you guys like short updates of what's happening in my life. You know, it's actually my fault that I didn't study earlier and now I'm like trying to squeeze 10 of my college courses in a month. Whut? It can be done! I got this. Well it's all good. Remember! It's faith, trust, and a little bit of Pixie Dust! Anyway, thanks! :)

Friday, 2 August 2013

Roses are Red. Good For the Skin Too.

Bonjour! Yesterday, I finally tried the mask I bought like probably million years ago. Do they go bad? I wonder. I certainly hope not! But anyways I still feel like my skin kind of absorbed and reacted well to it. 

I can't read Korean so I searched for the claims. "A mask sheet that contains rose extract proven by, helps provide moisture to skin and revives the skin." And then for the direction it just says leave for 10-15 minutes which I kind of get because that's the only significant number I saw at the back. 

I don't remember how much I spent for this but I remember this being more expensive than the other mask that I bought. 

It's so freaking hard to smile with this thing on! LOL. Can I just say that I had a funny realization a little bit after I took this photo? Because the plan is like to review while waiting for the 15 minute mark but then I decided to just lay in bed because I was thinking of GRAVITY. What the heck? I kind of really like this mask! I think my face became brighter and softer and yeah I think it's really something something. Although sometimes I think it's like placebo effect to actually feel like something's changed after consuming something. Or is it just me? LOL. But it's a Korean Skin Care product and you know, nobody doubts Korean beauty products. It does feel a little bit greasy after but for me that's just for you to know that something's happening. Also, I would recommend you do this thing night so you wouldn't have to wash it or something. You know, for better absorption. That's all guys! :)
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.