Sunday, 25 August 2013

My First Time Tag

Hola guys! Okay this tag is quite famous on YouTube and I don't really YouTube and by that I mean I don't do one for myself so I guess I'm just gonna blog it because you know, I blog! :D These are just random first times. Enjoy!


1. FIRST DISNEYLAND VISIT. Well my mom told me that she visited Disneyland whilst carrying me inside her still so that's probably the first time. I don't know when or what age I visited next but probably 2 because I can walk already. 

2. FIRST CELLPHONE. This time I remember very well. My first cellphone is a Motorola (don't know the unit) and it's a black and white phone (actually yellow and black) with antenna! I had my first phone when I was in 4th grade and I was really so excited that moment because my mom was like, you phone is upstairs. Precious.

3. FIRST TIME I LOST A PHONE. I believe I was in second year high school when I lost a phone. Not a good experience. This is what happened. After class, we would actually hang-out (so high school) and then one of our crushes who already graduated high school and transferred school already, visited the school and then we probably freaked out or something and went a little closer to him and then I actually remember one of my friends borrowed my phone and then whoever's holding it probably left it unattended and then when we returned, I didn't know that it's lost already because all along, I thought someone's holding it inside their pocket and stuff and then when I went home, I realized that the phone is not with me and literally called everyone. You know what happened. Goodbye phone. It's a Nokia 3200 which my mom bought for 10000 pesos (?) I don't know why it's that expensive that time. Oh well. 

4. FIRST TIME BEING BULLIED. I don't know for sure but one I can't forget is this. When I was in third grade, I don't know. I have probably said something that offended him or something but a guy named Meryll Anderson literally attacked my face and arms and he punched me like a punching bag seriously. I didn't know what to do and I kind of regret not speaking to anyone about it and yeah. If you're reading this Meryll, I'm not mad. But dude that hurt. For some reason, I don't really mind physical pain but yeah.

5. FIRST BEST FRIEND. This is actually in 4th grade. I was so close with a girl named Leslie. She's half Australian and yeah I miss her. I haven't seen her after that year because she already transferred school. Life goes on.

6. FIRST TWEET. I had to look back and I saw it and got disappointed. Dated May 28 2009, "absolutely nothing". WTF?

7. FIRST BOAT RIDE. I remember my first boat ride being so scary! It's a boat ride to Corregidor and then the boat was like swaying and stuff that we decided not to go to the place anymore. Yeah. That didn't give me fear of the sea or whatever but that experience alone was scary.

8. FIRST FLIGHT. I don't remember my first flight but my grandmother told me that it was in Taiwan. No idea.

9. FIRST ALCOHOLIC DRINK. Screw Driver. I didn't like it a bit. I was in 5th grade that time and yeah it was horrible back then.

10. FIRST JOB. I have a separate post for that but hey, ain't nobody got time for that. It was a call center job which I somehow loved because of the experience and new friends but yeah didn't stay there that long. 

So that's it guys! I tag you all! :)

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