Friday, 23 August 2013

Goodbye Maring! See you never.

Two years ago, with this kind of weather, I would probably still be thanking the weather because that would mean that the good ol' UST wouldn't have any classes. But the situation is different now. But internship and review classes made me think otherwise. Don't get me wrong though! I still love the rain. But not like what have just happened. That's like five times of what I actually love and that doesn't go hand in hand. Anyways.

This flower is probably the most beautiful thing about this typhoon Maring. Such a survivor! :)

For some reason, my new digital camera decided to focus on the leaves instead of the flower itself. Way to go! 

I really hate the flood! With all the diseases and other disgusting stuff it carries, it really freaks me out that kids like to actually swim and play like it's a pool or something. Please don't! 

Little Mari wants to play
Luckily, it didn't actually rain that much today. Well actually, I was in the review center for quite a long time today so I actually don't know if it rained at all but for most of the time that I was out, Mr.Sun was very visible. And guess what people would complain about this time? HOT WEATHER. Life.

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  1. oh no, i'm really sorry to hear about the flood. hope you're doing alright! the flowers are so pretty

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