Tuesday, 3 September 2013

It's All Over

So after almost 2 months of preparation, actually, almost 4 years of university preparation, and a total of 1 year of internship and extensive review, it's all over. I don't want to call it judgment day but let's just say anyway that in 2 days, all of the preparations I have made all through the years will be judged. And I hope and pray that it would't be judged just by my efforts. Please multiply it by two. Or three. Please be kind!!

This September Med Tech examination is the last examination that the Examiners would give and as much as we all hoped that they would ever be so kind, we were wrong.  Can I just say that the exam questions are complicated as eff. I was like what just happened? ALL THE TIME. I don't know like I would consider it to be a miracle if I pass and Mariah Carey thought us that Miracles happen. If we believe. But I'm not so sure what miracles happened to her but the point is, I BELIEVE! And really hope for the best! I know I came prepared and that I have strong basics but the questions were no basic at all so I would not really say it's my fault if I didn't pass (knock on wood). Because it's not like I neglected the duty of reviewing and stuff. Okay that's like bshit because if I fail, that's like partly my fault but anyways. Well actually, all my fault but anyways.

It's like the worst attitude ever but I'm kind of relieved that I'm not the only one who felt that way. People cried and stuff and as someone who felt the same way (luckily I didn't cry), my inside is like clapping with joy. It's like this. We all go up, or (knock on wood), we all go down. I don't know. I guess it's human nature not to want to go through things alone. I hope we all go up! Good vibes diba!

I have talked to several people who are registered Medical Technologists now and I just want to share this. Uhm. March 2013's Top 5 Board Passer told me that she felt the same thing after the examination but you know, I  know she really worked hard for it and I don't know if I have exerted the same effort so I'm kind of nervous. She also told me to go out and have fun and as I am typing this, I'm watching over my grandmother as she is having her usual dialysis session and being surrounded by healthcare professionals is not really helping at all. 

I probably should avoid things like looking at people's pages and stuff but you know, can't really avoid it. It's like killing myself actually. I don't know. But yeah this week, we would all know the verdict of the PRC people and hopefully there would be something to celebrate. Life. That's all people! See y'all! 

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