Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Have a Break They Say.

Hi guys! I have made it clear that examination days are over and I just want to share these pictures because they somehow helped me relax, study, or whatever. It helped me relax the most part. I figured that in my case, it's pretty hard to study anywhere. So if I wouldn't try, I wouldn't be able to and I'm just happy that when I tried to, it helped me relax at least. You know, maybe MED is not for me. Or maybe it is. I don't know. 

Whole Meal
I didn't really like the cheesecake and yeah I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone but the drink was kind of a delight so definitely try that one out.

I like how there's actually no one in my side of the shop but later on people came already and yeah. 

Delish! But then my cousin was deceived by the lady to add on some stuff and the bad part is that she decided to put those in my drink. Well I used to really like coffee jelly well in fact that's probably like my fave Starbucks drink but for some reason, I just like it if it's Starbucks. It's kind of weird but anyways. 

And by the way we ordered Shawarma from somewhere because we didn't expect them to have some food available and yeah.

For some reason, I think the drink we ordered doesn't go well with anything so yeah. I suggest you order it on its own. Okay so that was that and then I went again on a different day and yeah. 


I ordered the same drink as before and ordered fries with it. The fries I don't know how to feel about it but it's kind of good but at some point, it taste bland or something so I should probably give that another try and confirm. That's all of it guys! See you soon!


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