Friday, 2 August 2013

Roses are Red. Good For the Skin Too.

Bonjour! Yesterday, I finally tried the mask I bought like probably million years ago. Do they go bad? I wonder. I certainly hope not! But anyways I still feel like my skin kind of absorbed and reacted well to it. 

I can't read Korean so I searched for the claims. "A mask sheet that contains rose extract proven by, helps provide moisture to skin and revives the skin." And then for the direction it just says leave for 10-15 minutes which I kind of get because that's the only significant number I saw at the back. 

I don't remember how much I spent for this but I remember this being more expensive than the other mask that I bought. 

It's so freaking hard to smile with this thing on! LOL. Can I just say that I had a funny realization a little bit after I took this photo? Because the plan is like to review while waiting for the 15 minute mark but then I decided to just lay in bed because I was thinking of GRAVITY. What the heck? I kind of really like this mask! I think my face became brighter and softer and yeah I think it's really something something. Although sometimes I think it's like placebo effect to actually feel like something's changed after consuming something. Or is it just me? LOL. But it's a Korean Skin Care product and you know, nobody doubts Korean beauty products. It does feel a little bit greasy after but for me that's just for you to know that something's happening. Also, I would recommend you do this thing night so you wouldn't have to wash it or something. You know, for better absorption. That's all guys! :)

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