Sunday, 20 May 2012

My day in Instagram.

Yesterday, I went to the mall with my cousin to hopefully JUST WINDOW SHOP and EAT. But we ended up buying a couple of things and eat quite a lot. I didn't take a lot of pictures though. But I have quite a few to share. I actually used the Nashville filter on Instagram on everything.

Trying Pizza Hut's American Fries. It was so-so.

My cousin! :)

Me munching on the fries. LOL.

I always crave for their Caesar Salad.

I wasn't able to take more food photos there than that. Sorry.

And then for desert...

It was my first time drinking Dairy Queen's Matcha Green Tea Moolatte. It was not so great. But it was okay. Not bad. :)

And these are the stuff that I bought from yesterday.

I actually bought because I have nothing like this type of foot wear but like at the end of the day, the foot wear that I wore before hand kind of malfunctioned so maybe I bought it for a purpose. HA! Boss! Hahaha

 I just like the ribbon thingy. Although I don't wear skirts a lot, I find this nice.

And face masks! from The Face Shop.

That would be all for this post. :)

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