Friday, 23 May 2014

I bought a bike! And updates.

It's been not so wonderful with this blog thing I'm running. I promise I will make time and catch up more with you guys soon. Anyways, here are the things that might interest you. If not, well, this is all I got to share. Wala na talaga. LOL.

I bought a bike. I bought the cheapest bike of course. I was kinda fooled though. It retails for 8000 plus yen but tax not included so I spent 10000 yen plus for it all in all. Ganun din. I should have just bought the 10000 yen that's like so flashy in color. The color seems off but you know, as long as it takes me from point a to b, I'm good. Also, since I'm partially blind sometimes, it's kinda nice that I didn't but the typical silver type because we all know I wouldn't be able to find where it is at a glance. 

Anyways, this is my view from work to home. Sometimes I forget to look at details because I'm tired so if I tend to stop, I usually take pictures. Does that even make sense? No? Anyways. As if you don't know already, I really like the street flowers in Japan. So that's it. It actually looks more better in person because it is aligned in such a way. But sometimes when street cars pass non-stop, it's kinda hard to see it so yeah. Maybe that's actually why I took this picture. There's that. 

Oh Bitch You Didn't!

I haven't been here for long but there are some things that I have already learned and observed from my work place. 

First, btches are everywhere. May it be from your own country or not. But there are people who are so nice that you can't even. But those btches would really consume you and just want you to smash their face like you want to smash a ripe banana when making Banana Bread. I don't know but as time goes, it doesn't actually gets better. It worsens. Like, first this bitch was talking about me and stuff and she probably thought I couldn't hear her but that's forgiven. Forgiven forgotten. Actually that person's kinda nice. We're kinda friends now. Kinda. But this person at the bus though! Like, are you serious? They were talking about me in my NATIVE LANGUAGE  like I don't exist. They probably thought I cannot understand them or stuff because according to the people at my work place, I don't look like anything but Japanese. So that's my conclusion. But then you just don't talk about someone. More so insult them. Again, you're in my country, btch. This btch only though. She was talking to some neutral mannered species. But this btch! Oh this btch. I will one day pass by her and speak Filipino and stare at her with my left eyebrow raised. I really will! Or like the next time she talks about me, I would just say, ANONG PROBLEMA MO SA AKIN? (what's you're problem with me?) I don't want to start a fight but I'm not gonna let anyone insult me like that. In my own country, NO. 

It's not my nature to step down on people's level but this time I will. Because I was insulted. By someone who should be helping me because I am of her kind. But no btch! You're one sick mothereffer who deserves no love from this country or your country. No wonder you look haggard and ugly. Yes btch. Right back at you! You actually look worse. You know, I wouldn't actually be offended if she's pretty, beautiful, or even just look presentable. With that look? No way. Ano ka? Artistahin? You look like a garbage. Mahiya ka naman sa hitsura mo teh! Or actually, I wouldn't be offended is she's young. She looks older than my mom!! Tumatanda ba siyang paurong? You know, me comparing her to my mom is an absolute insult to my mom. Being old, she should have all the manners in this world already and there she was, btching. It's sad how people can act uneducated sometimes. Buti pa yung mga uneducated pero well mannered. Siya mukhang uneducated na, ill mannered pa. Yuck!! Sorry ha. And mukha siyang hindi naliligo. Promise. Naliligo ka ba teh? See, this is not the right way to justify it but if she didn't started this, I wouldn't have been ranting here. Eye for an eye dude. 

There are many things to rant about pa but for now, that's all I have to share. Also, I kinda feel better now that I have said all of these. See yah!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Because I'm Stupid.


I don't know if it's just bad luck but for some reason, I have been unlucky not once but twice in a span of an hour. Bingo! 

Anyways, this is what happened. Work ended at like 6:05 am -ish, right? And then because I'm stupid, I didn't think of asking  what time the bus from work to Hashimoto will leave. I probably thought that I have all the time in the world so you know what I did? I asked when my offs are. I should have just chosen!! Stupid!! Anyways. 

I went down the building at around 6:20 and didn't see any bus. Where on Earth is it? Even walked in every direction to check whether it was parked somewhere else or whatnot. No sign of the bus. Yabai!! What will I do? I don't know the time so I thought that it might have already left. Worst feeling ever. But deep inside, there's actually still hope that I might be a little early still. 
Feelingera. A little background for you, that place is like in the middle of nowhere! No exaggeration. 

So then I was like, what to do? As of date, I haven't felt as helpless as that. Not to say I haven't had episodes of stupidity though. Anyways. I don't have a phone yet, right? But my host mother? host family? Lend me a prepaid phone just so they could call me and stuff like that. Doesn't really have a credit or anything so I know I can't call. But I tried!! No luck. Mind over matter, I remembered someone from the agency that introduced me to that company said that their phone is free dial and so I tried.  Yes!! But then no one answered. Of course it's so early, I expected that. Not even office hour yet. But I still called like probably 5 times. And I was like so down for being so stupid. Minutes later though, I got a call from someone in that agency and I asked what time the bus will come and then I said I can't see any bus and stuff and she was like, the bus comes at ROKUJIJUGOHUN (6:15) and (according to me) "ICHIJIJUGOHUN" (1:15). I put down the phone. Obviously, the bus already left and then the next bus comes at 1? Are you freaking kidding me? For real? I was like, I want to sleep! So I walked a little bit over nowhere. I don't even know. I was actually trying to look for a place to stay in or something. Yup! As if there's an open mall at around 6:30. But then I didn't really want to wait until 1 so I was thinking of going home on my own. I wondered how. Again, in the middle of nowhere. I walked a little bit more looking for someone who probably have time and patience talking to someone with a lost girl with an intermediate Japanese level but great sign language skills. Hahaha I actually pretended to be a foreigner so he would have extra patience. Hahaha well he said that there are two near train stations (both of which are far). One being Ebina, where I got lost decades ago and the other Hon Atsugi. Ebina is where I got lost decades ago and Hon Atsugi, where Demi and I used to go decades ago as well. I thought I would just proceed with Ebina because it's like a connecting line after connecting line kind of place so I was like, lucky!! Then what happened was I asked for the nearest bus stop, right? He said (he acted) that there's a crossroad and like turn left so I went. Nope, there's none. I probably have misunderstood. Stupid. Okay so then from the kinda long walk, I saw a pay phone. I thought I would just call dad and ask him to pick me up. But then I got a call! From the same person and she was like, are you already riding the bus? And I reminded her that the bus left me. And she was like, IT COMES AT "SICHIJIJUGOHUN" (sound alike? not?) 7:15!!! WHERE ARE YOU? And I was like running for my life. When I checked the time, as if destiny's been playing with me, it was 7 freaking 14. And then it happened. I saw the bus leaving me. I actually tried to wave at the driver but I am assuming he didn't see. I curse one passenger though because I caught her eyes looking at me for like 5 good seconds whilst I was waving. Or she's probably shy to tell the driver. But still! Okay so long story short, I missed the bus for the second time. I got a call from that person again and asked me if I was able to catch the bus. NO. And she was like, WHAT TO DO? She probably thinks I'm stupid (but yes I was) and asked me to go to the same bus stop and NOT MOVE. Hahaha. She said she'll ask one more bus to come. I seriously didn't move (much) and waited for more than an hour before the last bus came. 

While riding the bus, I realized how stupid I was. But then so glad that I would be going home. My host mom also called me and had a good laugh with me on what happened. The agency woman called me and asked if I was able to ride the bus. AT LAST! She was like so patient and kind and so helpful. She asked me to be always careful of the time! Well, yeah! Thank you onesan! I hope Brazil gains zillions this World Cup! But then I remember there's this btchy Brazilian grandma at work who complains like there's no tomorrow. You're in my country!! Well. 

A follow up update though, the bus came at 7:19 the next day. If that happened that day, I would have been able to go home safe and sound. Unlucky. Just unlucky. 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

It's not COOL to be a Stalker!

feel kind of lost yet again. I hate this kind of feeling you know. But then again, who wakes up in the morning and look forward to feeling lost, right? I just think that as I grow older, I feel lost the more, you know. On a perfect world, you should be able to find yourself as you age but this world I think is not that kind of world. That's why there are a lot of point in our lives when we can attach the word -crisis. Mid-life, mid-twenties, mid-thirties, mid-fourties, and so on! So I guess I'm not alone. But also, there are different types of crisis. So I don't know if feeling lost is something they are not actually going through and you know, stuff like that. Stuff that only consumes my time and mind. One of that is considering moving to Tokyo. That's actually mild. On a more wilder side of things, I'm considering moving to the United States. But not like anytime soon. Pero you know! Those kind of things I think about. I will lean towards the positive side though! All is well. I think. 

Oh can I make chika na? Nothing to do with my life choices. I have been stalking someone from afar. I have been stalking someone's girlfriend. Girlfriend of a guy I used to talk to before. Talk lang naman. Well they really look happy. But I'm not really happy for them. Confirmed!! Hahaha bitter lang ang peg. E kasi naman!! Should I forget about that guy? Poproblemahim ko pa yun? But I must confess! That my loneliness! Is killing me now. Do you know I still believe? Hahaha yup! Pulling up a BRITNEY SPEARS there. But not really. Priorities!! Bahala na sila! Eto pa! You know when I see their pictures, I'd be like, BITCH! Or like, THIS BITCH! Hahaha. Just to make it clear though, I'm not miserable or something. As if naman! In fairness naman kay girl ha! I'll continue to stalk and see whether there would be a happy ending.  I'm not doing anything crazy though so I'm proud of myself for that as well. Let it be! 

So on a more positive note, as if stalking is positive, I'm starting work tomorrow!! I'm gonna work really hard! Like always! I'm actually quite proud of myself on that department. I think I work hard enough as far as work goes. That's all guys! I hope you're all having a good month and life if there's anything, let me know! See you! 

Monday, 12 May 2014

Instagram You've Possibly Missed.

Is it really just me that likes to see street flowers like these? They're such a delight! Like, I don't even know if you can call that normal but yeah. It is what it is. I actually snapped this very carefully for Japanese people kind of find it weird when you would just take random picture of something. I think. 

This!! Hahaha I know I have shared this on my blog. Please search it if you haven't seen it already. It can't be too far! :)

Favorite fruit ever!! I can eat strawberries everyday! Non-stop!! Am I alone? No, right? I don't understand why some people dislike it to be honest. 

The queen is out to play! It's been too frequent recently that we're playing and stuff and this one in particular is to celebrate my remaining days of freedom. Oh well. 

I was really too excited to see the skies like this one because you all know that it's not everyday that it looks like this, right? Or I was probably just out at the wrong time of the day always so yeah there's that. 

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Old and Alone. NOT AT ALL.

Is older really wiser? I talked to someone really old (not dad) and I was impressed kind of for the first hour of our conversation then after a while, I was told I should get a man. When I said I don't need a man, he was like bakanokotoyuna! (don't say something stupid) And I was like, the heck? I'm a strong black woman... I am 22 you know! I have heaps of time ahead of me (or so I think) so I don't need it as of the moment. And he was like, you're not young anymore! (ouch!) he even told me I should be married by now. Okay. 

I mean, am I really that old? Should I be having a quarter life crisis? I don't actually think I have officially started my life yet. Does that sound off? Yeah, but you know! Nothing like that yet so I don't think I should be in a hurry just because. Also, this is the first time I have been referred to as someone old. Well actually, my sisters occasionally tell me I'm old but that's normal because I'm a lot older than them, right? I'm not older than that 81 year old man, right? Of course.

I was also told that I need a man because that's just how things work. That I have a to have a man to have children. Ataremaija! But then I hate to think that that's the only purpose of becoming a woman, you know. It's unfair. Well, true though but it's not the only purpose of being a woman. It should not how guys look at us. Duh! We're so more than that! We can cook too! THE PUN. I don't even cook. 

But after all the eyebrow raising activity I've done while talking to that person, that actually kept me thinking. Ugh! Just another pile of things I have to think about when I wasn't even thinking of it before. Well, I guess that's life. You think about things you don't want to think about and then it becomes everything you think about. Yabai! Super hate that feeling. Also, Hidems only backed me up for a while and then sat and operated that man's chair massage for like ever. Anyways. See yah!

Oh on another note, I'm starting work on Wednesday! Yup!! Thank goodness for it! 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

100 Shop Haul

This won't be the last that I'm doing because you know! There are just a lot of stuff to share. 

This! I was so excited to see that it's a CC Cream but at the same time, I was doubtful. Really doubtful. Will it break me out? Will it this and will it that. I don't have an experience with CC Creams so I don't really know what to expect. And! I know I shouldn't be experimenting since my skin is just healing again from horrible breakout so yeah.

It was runny. And white. I was like, what do I do? What is this again? LOL. It didn't even  have a color. Are CC Creams supposed to be like that? Or are there CC Creams that are just creams and there are those that are tinted? Mmm... But actually, when applied, I feel kind of different and I actually feel like it's doing something. Also, I didn't have another demon on my face so I think that's good? Of course, too soon to tell. Always. 

Then I found these!! I know from the start that this is not a good idea because for quite some time, I don't have a good relationship with red lipsticks or like any dark lip product but still! I just thought maybe. 

I was kind of right but it is workable so maybe I would just put a tiny bit and it won't be as bold as it is when applied the usual. One thing I don't know if like about it though is it smells so fruity! Very candy like. I don't know. I also bought a lip cream which I kind of thought would be tinted but nah it was clear and also smells fruity. I prefer tinted lip balms though but this is something nice to have I guess. Makes lips so soft so I guess it serves its purpose. 

Then concealer which I long to have because I totally don't have something to bring from the Philippines. And yeah wanted to try cheap one because. Yeah. When I used it, it was actually really very easy to apply and covered a decent amount of face demons so it looks really promising. And didn't break me out in fairness. 

Then this. It doesn't really have anything to do with make up but yeah I needed a coin purse because I have many coins to the point that I think my wallet will give up. That's all guys! :) See yah! 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Hachioji, Selfie, and Summer.

A selfie I took yesterday. I don't really have an explanation for this picture so I suggest we move on. LOL.

We went to Hachioji to meet someone and as much as I thought of sharing the beautiful city with you, I wasn't able to take pictures because it's kinda like mini Shibuya where everything is fast paced so yeah. I will take pictures next time!

Demi buying medals to play with. We weren't very lucky and I think she spent 2500 yen at least so sorry! The guy beside us though! He won the jackpot and then won so many medals that Demi was like, give us some! LOL. This girl is for real! Hahaha but she didn't let the guy hear of course.  

It's really getting hot in Japan. Like it started to get hot and then it started to get cold again. Make up your mind, Japan. 

I went to a 100 Yen shop and bought some interesting things and will share it so please wait for that :) Sooooon!! This is so near our place that I can't even. Although I probably don't need everything from it so yeah. たまに!

There are still beautiful flowers everywhere so that's nice! Even though how extreme the weather is, when I see flowers, everything seems better. That's it! See yah! 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Yokoso May!!

It's May!! Officially stayed for a month in Japan. Oh also, I realized that I have been unemployed for over a month now because I resigned on the 28th of March so yeah there's that. I don't know but I'm not used to doing nothing now. As much as I wish I could turn back studying years and feel the same, nah. I kind of feel sad and happy at the same time you know. The feeling of knowing something will happen and the feeling of it not happening yet all the same time is not so good and that's what I'm feeling right now. Anyways.

I think this is a new start because things will happen around this month if it goes the way we want it. On other note, on a more positive side, a lot of people I have already met are saying almost the same thing to me you know. DO NOT WORRY. And thinking about it, should I really not? I'm sure they have experienced what I have already experienced so I think I should believe them, aye? But of course that doesn't mean I should just give up what I have to give and stuff so I guess balancing things should also be considered. Yabai!! I have nothing left to blog about which I am so happy about because that means I was able to do it! And also looking forward to new experiences to share and keep track. 

I think May is the time for us to all be positive and as the season change, I think we consider changing the things we think we should and just like the season, there are things that would still remain the same even though the things around it don't. See yah!
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.