Tuesday, 13 May 2014

It's not COOL to be a Stalker!

feel kind of lost yet again. I hate this kind of feeling you know. But then again, who wakes up in the morning and look forward to feeling lost, right? I just think that as I grow older, I feel lost the more, you know. On a perfect world, you should be able to find yourself as you age but this world I think is not that kind of world. That's why there are a lot of point in our lives when we can attach the word -crisis. Mid-life, mid-twenties, mid-thirties, mid-fourties, and so on! So I guess I'm not alone. But also, there are different types of crisis. So I don't know if feeling lost is something they are not actually going through and you know, stuff like that. Stuff that only consumes my time and mind. One of that is considering moving to Tokyo. That's actually mild. On a more wilder side of things, I'm considering moving to the United States. But not like anytime soon. Pero you know! Those kind of things I think about. I will lean towards the positive side though! All is well. I think. 

Oh can I make chika na? Nothing to do with my life choices. I have been stalking someone from afar. I have been stalking someone's girlfriend. Girlfriend of a guy I used to talk to before. Talk lang naman. Well they really look happy. But I'm not really happy for them. Confirmed!! Hahaha bitter lang ang peg. E kasi naman!! Should I forget about that guy? Poproblemahim ko pa yun? But I must confess! That my loneliness! Is killing me now. Do you know I still believe? Hahaha yup! Pulling up a BRITNEY SPEARS there. But not really. Priorities!! Bahala na sila! Eto pa! You know when I see their pictures, I'd be like, BITCH! Or like, THIS BITCH! Hahaha. Just to make it clear though, I'm not miserable or something. As if naman! In fairness naman kay girl ha! I'll continue to stalk and see whether there would be a happy ending.  I'm not doing anything crazy though so I'm proud of myself for that as well. Let it be! 

So on a more positive note, as if stalking is positive, I'm starting work tomorrow!! I'm gonna work really hard! Like always! I'm actually quite proud of myself on that department. I think I work hard enough as far as work goes. That's all guys! I hope you're all having a good month and life if there's anything, let me know! See you! 

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