Saturday, 17 May 2014

Because I'm Stupid.


I don't know if it's just bad luck but for some reason, I have been unlucky not once but twice in a span of an hour. Bingo! 

Anyways, this is what happened. Work ended at like 6:05 am -ish, right? And then because I'm stupid, I didn't think of asking  what time the bus from work to Hashimoto will leave. I probably thought that I have all the time in the world so you know what I did? I asked when my offs are. I should have just chosen!! Stupid!! Anyways. 

I went down the building at around 6:20 and didn't see any bus. Where on Earth is it? Even walked in every direction to check whether it was parked somewhere else or whatnot. No sign of the bus. Yabai!! What will I do? I don't know the time so I thought that it might have already left. Worst feeling ever. But deep inside, there's actually still hope that I might be a little early still. 
Feelingera. A little background for you, that place is like in the middle of nowhere! No exaggeration. 

So then I was like, what to do? As of date, I haven't felt as helpless as that. Not to say I haven't had episodes of stupidity though. Anyways. I don't have a phone yet, right? But my host mother? host family? Lend me a prepaid phone just so they could call me and stuff like that. Doesn't really have a credit or anything so I know I can't call. But I tried!! No luck. Mind over matter, I remembered someone from the agency that introduced me to that company said that their phone is free dial and so I tried.  Yes!! But then no one answered. Of course it's so early, I expected that. Not even office hour yet. But I still called like probably 5 times. And I was like so down for being so stupid. Minutes later though, I got a call from someone in that agency and I asked what time the bus will come and then I said I can't see any bus and stuff and she was like, the bus comes at ROKUJIJUGOHUN (6:15) and (according to me) "ICHIJIJUGOHUN" (1:15). I put down the phone. Obviously, the bus already left and then the next bus comes at 1? Are you freaking kidding me? For real? I was like, I want to sleep! So I walked a little bit over nowhere. I don't even know. I was actually trying to look for a place to stay in or something. Yup! As if there's an open mall at around 6:30. But then I didn't really want to wait until 1 so I was thinking of going home on my own. I wondered how. Again, in the middle of nowhere. I walked a little bit more looking for someone who probably have time and patience talking to someone with a lost girl with an intermediate Japanese level but great sign language skills. Hahaha I actually pretended to be a foreigner so he would have extra patience. Hahaha well he said that there are two near train stations (both of which are far). One being Ebina, where I got lost decades ago and the other Hon Atsugi. Ebina is where I got lost decades ago and Hon Atsugi, where Demi and I used to go decades ago as well. I thought I would just proceed with Ebina because it's like a connecting line after connecting line kind of place so I was like, lucky!! Then what happened was I asked for the nearest bus stop, right? He said (he acted) that there's a crossroad and like turn left so I went. Nope, there's none. I probably have misunderstood. Stupid. Okay so then from the kinda long walk, I saw a pay phone. I thought I would just call dad and ask him to pick me up. But then I got a call! From the same person and she was like, are you already riding the bus? And I reminded her that the bus left me. And she was like, IT COMES AT "SICHIJIJUGOHUN" (sound alike? not?) 7:15!!! WHERE ARE YOU? And I was like running for my life. When I checked the time, as if destiny's been playing with me, it was 7 freaking 14. And then it happened. I saw the bus leaving me. I actually tried to wave at the driver but I am assuming he didn't see. I curse one passenger though because I caught her eyes looking at me for like 5 good seconds whilst I was waving. Or she's probably shy to tell the driver. But still! Okay so long story short, I missed the bus for the second time. I got a call from that person again and asked me if I was able to catch the bus. NO. And she was like, WHAT TO DO? She probably thinks I'm stupid (but yes I was) and asked me to go to the same bus stop and NOT MOVE. Hahaha. She said she'll ask one more bus to come. I seriously didn't move (much) and waited for more than an hour before the last bus came. 

While riding the bus, I realized how stupid I was. But then so glad that I would be going home. My host mom also called me and had a good laugh with me on what happened. The agency woman called me and asked if I was able to ride the bus. AT LAST! She was like so patient and kind and so helpful. She asked me to be always careful of the time! Well, yeah! Thank you onesan! I hope Brazil gains zillions this World Cup! But then I remember there's this btchy Brazilian grandma at work who complains like there's no tomorrow. You're in my country!! Well. 

A follow up update though, the bus came at 7:19 the next day. If that happened that day, I would have been able to go home safe and sound. Unlucky. Just unlucky. 

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