Monday, 5 May 2014

Hachioji, Selfie, and Summer.

A selfie I took yesterday. I don't really have an explanation for this picture so I suggest we move on. LOL.

We went to Hachioji to meet someone and as much as I thought of sharing the beautiful city with you, I wasn't able to take pictures because it's kinda like mini Shibuya where everything is fast paced so yeah. I will take pictures next time!

Demi buying medals to play with. We weren't very lucky and I think she spent 2500 yen at least so sorry! The guy beside us though! He won the jackpot and then won so many medals that Demi was like, give us some! LOL. This girl is for real! Hahaha but she didn't let the guy hear of course.  

It's really getting hot in Japan. Like it started to get hot and then it started to get cold again. Make up your mind, Japan. 

I went to a 100 Yen shop and bought some interesting things and will share it so please wait for that :) Sooooon!! This is so near our place that I can't even. Although I probably don't need everything from it so yeah. たまに!

There are still beautiful flowers everywhere so that's nice! Even though how extreme the weather is, when I see flowers, everything seems better. That's it! See yah! 

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