Tuesday, 6 May 2014

100 Shop Haul

This won't be the last that I'm doing because you know! There are just a lot of stuff to share. 

This! I was so excited to see that it's a CC Cream but at the same time, I was doubtful. Really doubtful. Will it break me out? Will it this and will it that. I don't have an experience with CC Creams so I don't really know what to expect. And! I know I shouldn't be experimenting since my skin is just healing again from horrible breakout so yeah.

It was runny. And white. I was like, what do I do? What is this again? LOL. It didn't even  have a color. Are CC Creams supposed to be like that? Or are there CC Creams that are just creams and there are those that are tinted? Mmm... But actually, when applied, I feel kind of different and I actually feel like it's doing something. Also, I didn't have another demon on my face so I think that's good? Of course, too soon to tell. Always. 

Then I found these!! I know from the start that this is not a good idea because for quite some time, I don't have a good relationship with red lipsticks or like any dark lip product but still! I just thought maybe. 

I was kind of right but it is workable so maybe I would just put a tiny bit and it won't be as bold as it is when applied the usual. One thing I don't know if like about it though is it smells so fruity! Very candy like. I don't know. I also bought a lip cream which I kind of thought would be tinted but nah it was clear and also smells fruity. I prefer tinted lip balms though but this is something nice to have I guess. Makes lips so soft so I guess it serves its purpose. 

Then concealer which I long to have because I totally don't have something to bring from the Philippines. And yeah wanted to try cheap one because. Yeah. When I used it, it was actually really very easy to apply and covered a decent amount of face demons so it looks really promising. And didn't break me out in fairness. 

Then this. It doesn't really have anything to do with make up but yeah I needed a coin purse because I have many coins to the point that I think my wallet will give up. That's all guys! :) See yah! 


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