Friday, 23 May 2014

Oh Bitch You Didn't!

I haven't been here for long but there are some things that I have already learned and observed from my work place. 

First, btches are everywhere. May it be from your own country or not. But there are people who are so nice that you can't even. But those btches would really consume you and just want you to smash their face like you want to smash a ripe banana when making Banana Bread. I don't know but as time goes, it doesn't actually gets better. It worsens. Like, first this bitch was talking about me and stuff and she probably thought I couldn't hear her but that's forgiven. Forgiven forgotten. Actually that person's kinda nice. We're kinda friends now. Kinda. But this person at the bus though! Like, are you serious? They were talking about me in my NATIVE LANGUAGE  like I don't exist. They probably thought I cannot understand them or stuff because according to the people at my work place, I don't look like anything but Japanese. So that's my conclusion. But then you just don't talk about someone. More so insult them. Again, you're in my country, btch. This btch only though. She was talking to some neutral mannered species. But this btch! Oh this btch. I will one day pass by her and speak Filipino and stare at her with my left eyebrow raised. I really will! Or like the next time she talks about me, I would just say, ANONG PROBLEMA MO SA AKIN? (what's you're problem with me?) I don't want to start a fight but I'm not gonna let anyone insult me like that. In my own country, NO. 

It's not my nature to step down on people's level but this time I will. Because I was insulted. By someone who should be helping me because I am of her kind. But no btch! You're one sick mothereffer who deserves no love from this country or your country. No wonder you look haggard and ugly. Yes btch. Right back at you! You actually look worse. You know, I wouldn't actually be offended if she's pretty, beautiful, or even just look presentable. With that look? No way. Ano ka? Artistahin? You look like a garbage. Mahiya ka naman sa hitsura mo teh! Or actually, I wouldn't be offended is she's young. She looks older than my mom!! Tumatanda ba siyang paurong? You know, me comparing her to my mom is an absolute insult to my mom. Being old, she should have all the manners in this world already and there she was, btching. It's sad how people can act uneducated sometimes. Buti pa yung mga uneducated pero well mannered. Siya mukhang uneducated na, ill mannered pa. Yuck!! Sorry ha. And mukha siyang hindi naliligo. Promise. Naliligo ka ba teh? See, this is not the right way to justify it but if she didn't started this, I wouldn't have been ranting here. Eye for an eye dude. 

There are many things to rant about pa but for now, that's all I have to share. Also, I kinda feel better now that I have said all of these. See yah!


  1. OMG! Definitely share how their reactions would be when you pass by her and speak Tagalog in front of her. This would be sooo funny!



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