Friday, 23 May 2014

I bought a bike! And updates.

It's been not so wonderful with this blog thing I'm running. I promise I will make time and catch up more with you guys soon. Anyways, here are the things that might interest you. If not, well, this is all I got to share. Wala na talaga. LOL.

I bought a bike. I bought the cheapest bike of course. I was kinda fooled though. It retails for 8000 plus yen but tax not included so I spent 10000 yen plus for it all in all. Ganun din. I should have just bought the 10000 yen that's like so flashy in color. The color seems off but you know, as long as it takes me from point a to b, I'm good. Also, since I'm partially blind sometimes, it's kinda nice that I didn't but the typical silver type because we all know I wouldn't be able to find where it is at a glance. 

Anyways, this is my view from work to home. Sometimes I forget to look at details because I'm tired so if I tend to stop, I usually take pictures. Does that even make sense? No? Anyways. As if you don't know already, I really like the street flowers in Japan. So that's it. It actually looks more better in person because it is aligned in such a way. But sometimes when street cars pass non-stop, it's kinda hard to see it so yeah. Maybe that's actually why I took this picture. There's that. 

This! It's not a street flower but since the roses are overwhelming, this caught my attention and snapped a picture. What I like most about the roses is the petals on the ground. It's like art. Okay next. LOL.

Super super seldom for this place to be empty as this. Anyways. It's kinda boring to travel at night. It's like meh. I can't see anything from the window and stuff. But also, maybe I am asking too much. My station is actually just a station away from work station and then a confirmed boring bus trip to the work office. Maybe like 20 minutes. I have seen the moon so perfectly once though. Like, really perfect. So round and so near and stuff. But that didn't happen again. I haven't seen the moon that beautiful actually. That's a first. 

Dad gave me a bag of potato chips out of the blue. I was sleeping and he knocked and gave me this. Sometimes it's the simple act that matters. Thank you!! :) 

Then this. I have been seeing glimpse of this flower when I pass by and it's just recently that I have decided to really go and see what's up. It turned out to be this. Pretty cool.

The night sky. What I like about Japan is that it's beautifully dark at night. Sometimes the  night sky would give off an ombre effect and it's really very magical. It's like a canvass of nothingness. But gorge! 

Then this. I therefore conclude that my neighbors like roses so much. I have seen roses in every color here. This I discovered behind our house. Gorgeous, aye? My mom loves roses too. Reminds me of her. 

Then on a final note, when I was about to get my towel, I saw the sky like this. たまに, it's kinda nice. But I really miss the sunset in the Philippines. See yah! 

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