Saturday, 10 May 2014

Old and Alone. NOT AT ALL.

Is older really wiser? I talked to someone really old (not dad) and I was impressed kind of for the first hour of our conversation then after a while, I was told I should get a man. When I said I don't need a man, he was like bakanokotoyuna! (don't say something stupid) And I was like, the heck? I'm a strong black woman... I am 22 you know! I have heaps of time ahead of me (or so I think) so I don't need it as of the moment. And he was like, you're not young anymore! (ouch!) he even told me I should be married by now. Okay. 

I mean, am I really that old? Should I be having a quarter life crisis? I don't actually think I have officially started my life yet. Does that sound off? Yeah, but you know! Nothing like that yet so I don't think I should be in a hurry just because. Also, this is the first time I have been referred to as someone old. Well actually, my sisters occasionally tell me I'm old but that's normal because I'm a lot older than them, right? I'm not older than that 81 year old man, right? Of course.

I was also told that I need a man because that's just how things work. That I have a to have a man to have children. Ataremaija! But then I hate to think that that's the only purpose of becoming a woman, you know. It's unfair. Well, true though but it's not the only purpose of being a woman. It should not how guys look at us. Duh! We're so more than that! We can cook too! THE PUN. I don't even cook. 

But after all the eyebrow raising activity I've done while talking to that person, that actually kept me thinking. Ugh! Just another pile of things I have to think about when I wasn't even thinking of it before. Well, I guess that's life. You think about things you don't want to think about and then it becomes everything you think about. Yabai! Super hate that feeling. Also, Hidems only backed me up for a while and then sat and operated that man's chair massage for like ever. Anyways. See yah!

Oh on another note, I'm starting work on Wednesday! Yup!! Thank goodness for it! 

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