Thursday, 27 February 2014

Getting Wild at Ark Avilon

It's my second time here and I don't really know what I was thinking and stuff but for some reason, I decided to go and see it again. Well to be fair, the first time I saw it, or like I went to this place, I was probably like, 15 or even younger I can't really remember. 

It was a delight when we walk in the place and oh! Can I just say that they have a pet shop before the pet shop and they have like a parrot? or some talking bird that was ruuuuddddeeee! Like at first we were friends with that bird and then called us ugly right before we leave and get tickets. FRIENDSHIP OVER. And then when we left, the bird was like calling people sexy or something. ruuuudddeeee! LOL. They should teach the bird to greet people at least. Anyways. 

So when we walked in, there were even more  birds and it's lovely to see them flying around and not on their cages. Like, if you're lucky, they would just shit on your head like nobody's business. I didn't see any poop though. I don't know what they do with that.

This bird was making pa-cute all the time and I was just like amused and actually never left that spot for a good amount of time. 

Can I just say that this place is not the best place to take photos because they have this glass covering the animals and then it would reflect back and stuff. Also! They do have a very dim lighting which kinda sucks but yeah. There's that. 

One thing I have noticed is that they allow you to feed some pets there. Just like some other recreational parks, you have to buy feeds. Which I find weird because it's their pets not ours. And shouldn't they pay us for feeding their pets? LOGIC. Said no one ever. 

I have noticed that my picture poses makes me look like I have Elephantiasis. Anyways. So yeah I also noticed that they charge you to take photos with their celebrities. Celebs such as the snake, the orangutan, and a parrot. One ticket costs 50 bucks and it's good for 3 people which is not bad but I remember that being already part of the entrance fee before. I don't like parks or anything that charges more money for certain things. 

Also, they have huge birds on display and I'm guessing they're dangerous because they are chained but I guess it would be better if they would be able to fly at least but then I would probably rant about not seeing them because they're flying around. Life.

Although boring, this is kind of my favorite place because it's like outdoor-sy and nice I think but yeah nothing really much in here.

By the way I don't think I've mentioned that I went with my partner in crime. My cousin of course! She's just so like me so this kind of trips are her thing as well so no problem setting things for this. Also, if you would notice, she likes wearing flip flops like nobody's business. Just saying. 

This is probably my favorite shot like. MOMENT! Do they usually look like this or should I really be amazed? 

Can I just share that I might get a snake for a pet. I don't know but I think it's kind of nice. Just one and tiny like this and not really those enormous snakes. I know they're deadly but I just think the idea of it attracts me a little bit. I will make sure to get the least dangerous/deadly snake of course. 

So this park is actually a two floor park and on the second floor, they have farm animals and some more birds on display. They have a donkey, pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, sheep, peacocks, and some other cocks (no pun intended).


This was very confusing but we did not hesitate and took photos with this set-up. I think they had it for Valentine's Day but some other things there confused me as well because they still have their Christmas lights on. IDK.

Snake! I don't have a fear of it or whatever but it was dang heavy! And cold. LOL. I have a poor eyesight and I was like seeing the snake (in person) yellow and my cousin was like, that's totally white! And I was like, how come? And then the person originally holding the snake was holding a yellow snake (literally) and I told my cousin to look at it because it's definitely yellow and she was like, totally WHITE! And then the guy confirmed that they have two snakes. The one being white (the one we took pictures with) and the one he's holding that moment. Weird. My cousin told me it might be the lighting because at one moment she thought it was yellow too until she got hold of it. 

Anyways, I did have fun. Although I got really disappointed with some stuff but let's just not discuss that for good vibes so yeah. See yah!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Things My Momma Tell Me

My mom is such a nice person and having her around is just nice. Having been tired everyday from review/work and just random days, I have noticed she kept on telling me things. 

When I'm singing high notes: DON'T CRY. 

When I'm mumbling something while reviewing: You're not insane!

When she's looking at my legs: Why are your legs like that? Parang ham na walang brand (ouch) 

When she sees me in my room or somewhere else: Oh you're there/Why are you there?/Oh!

When I tell her I'm hungry: You're always hungry!/Why are you always hungry?

When I'm drinking coffee: You drink too much coffee. 

When I just arrived home from work: Change your clothes! 

Those are the things my mom tell me on a regular basis. It makes me laugh. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I'm Feeling 22

This is quite a random post but I'm still gonna do it. Uhm I turned 22 last week. I told myself beforehand that I should listen to Taylor Swift's 22 before midnight but I slept instead. I woke up couple of minutes before, slept again, woke up a couple minutes after. Story of my life basically. Anyways. I know this is still too early to tell but it doesn't feel any different than me being a 21 year old lady. So kids, speaking from experience alone, don't rush things. Growing old especially. You'll regret it. I think it's nice being young. Somehow.

I did enjoy my birthday celebration. I just think it's nice to have some feast but I think it should be more of a inner thing and a day to thank your mom or parents because they deserve to be thanks because if not for them, then it would be all different, yeah? Yeah. It felt so good you know. I thanked my mom that day well partly because she payed for the food we ate at the clinic and stuff but yeah I like to thank my mom for being super super awesome. You are beyond! 

I also got semi-annoyed that people were asking if I have a date or something. I don't know but for some reason, they make having no Valentine sound sad. Which is totally not. Maybe because it's my Birthday but even if it weren't, I won't waste my time mourning or anything. But luckily it is my Birthday. 

Anyways I hope you had fun! See yah! 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

High School Never Ends

This is a walk thru my high school. Sort of. And also because I'm so proud of my sister, I bothered to actually get off work and won't receive a pay but it's okay. All for my love for my sisters. Yeah. Anyways. I went to the same high school as theirs so I thought I'd correlate things. 

I just thought I'd watch my sister for the last time. For quite some time. Anyways. Let's do this. 

FIRST YEAR. I really enjoyed watching these babies. I was actually not expecting them to be good because they are new to thing. But they killed it. When I was a first year, I was really bad at Math because this is where Elementary Algebra comes in  and man I hated that subject. I also remember acing a thesis this time. This is also the time where I have group (sort of) that I still treasure up to this point. We barely talk anymore though. But yeah. 

my sister is here somewhere
my sister is here somewhere too

SOPHOMORES. My other sister performed so yay! Well they were good. No bias or anything. I feel bad for my sister though because she thought they would win and stuff. They were good alright, but ain't enough. When I was in second year, I became best friends with my best friend now. We've been best friends for 9 years now!! Wow. I've known her since we were so little but we really didn't talk and stuff until we were in second year. Also in second year, I wore a false eye lashes on my first day in class. This was a good year for me, I think. Oh also, I was a VOLLEYBALL PLAYER representing the whole high school department. Cray.

JUNIORS. Not good enough for a team that have 2 year experience of already joining the competition. I'm sorry guys but do better next time. Good luck. Third year? I was called to the prefect of discipline for something that I have done. I have no regrets though. Well what happened was, I was already pretty good at math and I was called in front to do some board work and stuff right? The teacher changed her mind and said I'm already pretty good so I can sit first. And then she called somebody and then after the question, that somebody looked at me secretly and asked for assistance. I wrote the solution on a piece of paper and threw it to her. And it was kind of lame. So I picked up the paper and threw it further so to reach her. And then boom. The teacher saw it. End of the story. Well to be fair, she already saw it the first time I threw it. So yeah parent were called to the office and stuff. Bad luck. 

SENIORS. I am pretty sad with their performance. I just thought they're about to leave the premises of the school yet they didn't do something remarkable. It's kind of sad but they actually did okay and they were so humble at the awarding where they cheer people from other year levels. Acceptance is key. Well in my senior year, I was pretty good at a academics and stuff and sometimes even if I don't devote my time studying,  I still nail it at some point. My best friend and I were classmates at this point and it was the best year ever!

I have mentioned that my sister in second year didn't win and the freshies took home the prize but they really did well and I think that's enough. Well, I know everybody did their job and did their best and I congratulate everyone for that but yeah that's just what I thought and things can't be undone now. So yeah that's the event and my high school looked like in a nutshell. See yah!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

February So Far

Hola guys! I just want to share/take note of how my February have been. This is so far a very chillax month but at the same time it's kind of eventful as well. Ang gulo lang. Anyways. Uhm chillax events nalang. 

First, at the very first day of the month, I saw this. It's kind of sad to say goodbye to a friend but things really have to happen the way it happened. I'm happy because I know it's for the better. Let me just tell you about her. We came in to work together and we really clicked so I don't know I will really miss her. I was moved when I saw the note because I kind of saw her writing that but I didn't think she would write my name because we were on duty on her last day of duty and the thing is we never really said goodbye probably. Pulled a Life of Pi tiger moment there huh? But yeah I would have probably be emotional and stuff so yeah. Oh well. 

Second picture happened on a Sunday. Well I don't really believe in luck alone but I was pretty impressed with these horses so I had to take a picture. This is also the time where I had to buy stuff to bring with me to Japan. Can I just talk about Horoscopes? There were so many boards there with horoscopes and stuff and my cousin was really interested in reading, right? I was like, wait a second! I noticed they said nice things to all horoscope and I was like, really now? But you know, those are nice guides for people but if you're just gonna let that happen on its own, na-uh! 

the sun is setting

Lastly, pictures of the sky. I don't remember how to the sky looks is Japan but I will surely miss my view here. Sad. Hopefully it's better there though.  Just a side note, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW. Anyways, just like most of my Birthdays, I don't really get too excited. I think of it as a special day but no need for a huge celebration or anything like that. Will blog about my feelings if I feel like it tomorrow. Ciao! :) 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

RIP Flappy Bird

Hola guys! Can I just say that I kind of ate my own words when I said that I wouldn't try Flappy Bird. But now that it's already down, I thought I'd share with you things that I have learned from playing it for just a short time. I don't have crazy high scores or anything. Just saying.

1. Patience is a Virtue

Man if you have patience, it'll get you somewhere. I think if you have patience, you'll be good at this game. And sometimes even though you've already scored high, it doesn't guarantee you that you'll get a higher score after that. This game will make you hit rock bottom. MOST OF THE TIME.  

2. Practice Makes Perfect

This is to support my first lesson learned. Some people are just so good at things the first time they try it or people we call "the naturals" but unfortunately, some people are not like that.  Some people work their way up. By playing it often, you will notice that you will get better. Somehow.

3. Don't Give Up

This is like relevant. I would really seclude myself from the gadget and call it a day and then afterwards I'll grab the gadget again and attempt to improve my high score. So I suggest that in life, it seems like there's no chance of redeeming yourself but you're wrong. Life gets better at some point. Or sometimes it's us who change our standards and just be okay with things. Don't give up.  

Those are the three things I have learned from the game. I'm actually glad I tried it before the app developer pulled it out earlier this morning. I don't understand it completely but I respect his decision. So basically, he doesn't want his personal life to be involved with this and with his app earning as much as $50,000 (I read somewhere), I admire his decision really. But he probably have enough already. Anyways he also said (on Twitter?) that he won't stop developing apps. Flappy Bird probably caused him more harm than fortune so be it.

As of this writing, the app is no longer available on the app store but if you downloaded it beforehand, the game is still playable. Weird.

 So yeah that's all about this post. See yah! :) 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Fab Febuary

Hello guys! I can't believe how fast January flew by. We're actually (almost) done with February. Well technically not but this month will just pass us by I know it already. Anyways.

February is my birth month and I'm turning 22 whether I like it or not. Most of the teenagers would love being at my age but I would actually love to be a teenager again. I just think I'm not quite ready yet. 22 seems to be like a big number when it comes to achieving things but I'm just not sure whether I have achieved anything big yet. Wow this post is turning to be a self assessment post huh? But yeah I'm quite proud to have achieved something at least. First I have graduated college, passed the board examination and then I got a job. Well that seems to be a good start. I think.

It's also love month and I can't help but get annoyed by  single people on the internet. I can't understand the need of posting that I would be alone and lonely because I would be single this Valentine's. People! You have to set your priorities in life! So unless you're already way too successful in life, or already did the rest of the things on your list, I don't think you deserve someone just because it's Valentine's. You go whine after it okay? That's gonna be less annoying I think. Annoying nonetheless.

Anyways the reason I haven't been blogging is because I want to make my 600th post something special. I mean this is kind of special for my standard. LOL. But you know, I have Flappy Bird for posting so yeah. This is already kinda special.

I want to thank everyone for being my blog friends. Oh also! My blog turned 2 already last month I think. Well you know! I should formally celebrate it for the years to come. And maybe do a small give away and stuff. Wow that sounds exciting thinking about it. 

Anyways I hope you guys are having fun! I hope you're not gonna whine about your Valentine's Day and stuff . Have a good day!

The Navarro vs. Cornejo Issue

Hola! I just want to touch on a topic that I somehow don't give an eff about. But I'm still gonna talk about it because for some reason, the reaction of the majority pisses me off.

If you don't know what the issue is, let me just refresh your memory or maybe inform you whatever applies. Okay so Vhong Navarro was beaten up after allegedly tried to rape someone named Deniece Cornejo. Vhong's fans obviously are trying to defend their hero whilst there are others who are somehow neutral about it. Well I'm not sure whether there are actually people on the girl's side but whatever. 

I was only able to watch news recently and I can't really stand it as much as I want to. It's just everywhere! I mean I definitely can take an update of the news one or twice a day but the fact that it is featured segment after segment after segment everyday makes me want to turn off the TV which I did at some point thank you very much. And that's not actually what pisses me off. 

I'm happy to say that I don't really care about who's saying the "truth" as of the moment because with two versions of the event, are you kidding me? I mean, I don't know who's saying the real truth don't I? Even if I believe one of the versions, I might just get disappointed so I won't.So just give me a break and I'll leave it alone. You better do too actually. 

Netizens are kind of wild I understand and some people are saying that this event masks the real problem of the society which I agree on because why are people more interested in this than the whole Napoles thing? Well I'm actually sick of that too but good thing is I would never be on Napoles' side. I say she's less convincing than this girl Deniece. Anyways.

On to what pisses me. I SO HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE ARE JUDGING HER BY WAY SHE LOOKS. I am actually trying to avoid this issue as much as possible. I didn't even read a full article regarding this one and the only place I stumble upon the issue is Facebook. Recently, the video where Deniece appeared on a show called Wowowee went viral. I must admit she looked different there but I don't care. You know it annoys me that some people are saying things like "DI NAMAN PALA TALAGA MAGANDA E." or "PANGIT NIYA PALA E." And I'd be like, wow ha! As if. Si Daniel Matsunaga ba siya at kailangan super ganda yung girl? Get it? I don't why people are judging her that way. It won't solve anything if you figured out she had this and that done. I don't know if your irrelevant information can bring us closer to the truth. Do you think she would withdraw her claims because she's "ashamed" of the way she looked before? NO. Sorry. Is it okay to think that someone's gonna be cleared off a rape accuse because the girl is not that pretty? Not to say that Vhong is a rapist but the way people think makes me think that that's what people think. 

You know what I think? I think there's so much hate going on. It's a bias hate actually because for some reason, I think people are just jealous of her. That's what I think. So yeah I hope people would just stop at some point and move on with their lives. 

Anyway that's about it. I don't want to appear insensitive but this is just how I see this issue. I feel sorry for what happened to Vhong and hopefully it wouldn't happen to anyone else. Whoever is saying the truth deserve justice. That's all.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Falls in Our Stars | Tanay Falls

Hello guys! I've been meaning to blog this for a while but just looking at the pictures make me lazy because there's just too much to share! Anyway, one fine Sunday, my cousin and I went to Tanay Rizal because I heard my co-workers talk about the place so yeah I was curious, told my cousin about it, and went. 

Don't call us greedy though! We tried to invite friends but they weren't up for it. Anyways. This blog would be mostly pictures of the wonderful nature and stuff so enjoy! But I would still make kwento of course. Bummer, right? LOL. So we left at like 6 ish and arrived there probably a little past 8:30 and yeah it was a long long long time of commuting but it was worth it! Like, if I could, I would go back and spent another day there. So when we arrived at our destination, this happened. 

just hangin' out

We were like so amazed by the clear water that runs thru this whatever and yeah we took quite a lot of pictures there for some reason. I actually thought that this would be where the falls would be at and stuff but yeah clearly wrong. We were also amazed by the rock balancing thing they have going on. 

to the falls!
So yeah there are quite a lot of spots there like that of above. Although stunning, not good enough to swim so we just took photos of that and moved on. 

So nice! I actually searched for online reviews from blogs and stuff so I had enough dosage of pictures but seeing it in person is just different. It doesn't look any different but you know, pictures cannot give justice to the actual falls itself I think.

The life guard was so nice to take quite a lot of pictures of my cousin and I and so yeah I find that the loneliest thing about travelling alone or like with just someone is that it's gonna be hard to like take pictures and stuff so yeah. Actually that's the only problem. 

We actually went to two different falls. The pictures above are from Daranak Falls and below would be pictures from Batlag Falls. I don't know but I found too many blogs that say that they only charge 10 pesos for Batlag but we were charged 100 pesos each. I don't know when that change took place but yeah as of this writing, it's 100 bucks per person. But no regrets!! It was worth every peso. So yeah we had to walk quite a long way to get to the other falls. 

cousin waiting for me (apparently)
Batlag Falls

The difference between these two falls is that Batlag seems to be more private than Daranak. I was kind of against the idea of it before we payed the fee because I was thinking that this shouldn't be like being payed for because it was somehow nature's gift and stuff and that we should be enjoying this for free but yeah whatever. It was actually nice and the fee kind of really made it private which means we shared the water with lesser people and stuff so yeah I think we were able to maximize the place at least.

Can I just share that the water was super cold! Almost ice cold. The tri-bike guy actually told us beforehand that the water would be cold and that the reason that this place is only crowded during the summer (March - June) is that the water is cold during the time we visited so yeah but there were still a good number of people in. Anyways.

I like this shot
just keep swimming
We also encountered some good souls in Batlag and thank goodness took pictures of us and stuff and yeah though there's a story I am still thinking whether to share, it's overall a good experience in this falls. 

As for the swimming experience, besides the cold water, I think what makes swimming not ideal is the rocky floor and if you're not careful, you might get sliced open. I had some cuts but yeah nothing too major. 


Also quite difference is that you can't actually sit like this on Daranak because the water is deeper where the falls are in Daranak and in Batlag, there's this rock where you can sit on and stuff. So yeah. 

another picture of us yay

When we went back to Daranak, there were a lot of people already. We actually just returned to say thanks to the life guard who watched over our bags. Well the story is that you can't actually just place your bags anywhere but at some selected spots but he said that since there's only two of us, he would allow us and just look after it. 

So yeah I recomment you guys visit this place and just have fun. It's a nice place to celebrate nature and have a little swim and yeah it was such a memorable experience and I can't wait to be back! Will definitely revisit. 
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.