Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I'm Feeling 22

This is quite a random post but I'm still gonna do it. Uhm I turned 22 last week. I told myself beforehand that I should listen to Taylor Swift's 22 before midnight but I slept instead. I woke up couple of minutes before, slept again, woke up a couple minutes after. Story of my life basically. Anyways. I know this is still too early to tell but it doesn't feel any different than me being a 21 year old lady. So kids, speaking from experience alone, don't rush things. Growing old especially. You'll regret it. I think it's nice being young. Somehow.

I did enjoy my birthday celebration. I just think it's nice to have some feast but I think it should be more of a inner thing and a day to thank your mom or parents because they deserve to be thanks because if not for them, then it would be all different, yeah? Yeah. It felt so good you know. I thanked my mom that day well partly because she payed for the food we ate at the clinic and stuff but yeah I like to thank my mom for being super super awesome. You are beyond! 

I also got semi-annoyed that people were asking if I have a date or something. I don't know but for some reason, they make having no Valentine sound sad. Which is totally not. Maybe because it's my Birthday but even if it weren't, I won't waste my time mourning or anything. But luckily it is my Birthday. 

Anyways I hope you had fun! See yah! 

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