Thursday, 20 February 2014

Things My Momma Tell Me

My mom is such a nice person and having her around is just nice. Having been tired everyday from review/work and just random days, I have noticed she kept on telling me things. 

When I'm singing high notes: DON'T CRY. 

When I'm mumbling something while reviewing: You're not insane!

When she's looking at my legs: Why are your legs like that? Parang ham na walang brand (ouch) 

When she sees me in my room or somewhere else: Oh you're there/Why are you there?/Oh!

When I tell her I'm hungry: You're always hungry!/Why are you always hungry?

When I'm drinking coffee: You drink too much coffee. 

When I just arrived home from work: Change your clothes! 

Those are the things my mom tell me on a regular basis. It makes me laugh. 

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