Sunday, 16 February 2014

High School Never Ends

This is a walk thru my high school. Sort of. And also because I'm so proud of my sister, I bothered to actually get off work and won't receive a pay but it's okay. All for my love for my sisters. Yeah. Anyways. I went to the same high school as theirs so I thought I'd correlate things. 

I just thought I'd watch my sister for the last time. For quite some time. Anyways. Let's do this. 

FIRST YEAR. I really enjoyed watching these babies. I was actually not expecting them to be good because they are new to thing. But they killed it. When I was a first year, I was really bad at Math because this is where Elementary Algebra comes in  and man I hated that subject. I also remember acing a thesis this time. This is also the time where I have group (sort of) that I still treasure up to this point. We barely talk anymore though. But yeah. 

my sister is here somewhere
my sister is here somewhere too

SOPHOMORES. My other sister performed so yay! Well they were good. No bias or anything. I feel bad for my sister though because she thought they would win and stuff. They were good alright, but ain't enough. When I was in second year, I became best friends with my best friend now. We've been best friends for 9 years now!! Wow. I've known her since we were so little but we really didn't talk and stuff until we were in second year. Also in second year, I wore a false eye lashes on my first day in class. This was a good year for me, I think. Oh also, I was a VOLLEYBALL PLAYER representing the whole high school department. Cray.

JUNIORS. Not good enough for a team that have 2 year experience of already joining the competition. I'm sorry guys but do better next time. Good luck. Third year? I was called to the prefect of discipline for something that I have done. I have no regrets though. Well what happened was, I was already pretty good at math and I was called in front to do some board work and stuff right? The teacher changed her mind and said I'm already pretty good so I can sit first. And then she called somebody and then after the question, that somebody looked at me secretly and asked for assistance. I wrote the solution on a piece of paper and threw it to her. And it was kind of lame. So I picked up the paper and threw it further so to reach her. And then boom. The teacher saw it. End of the story. Well to be fair, she already saw it the first time I threw it. So yeah parent were called to the office and stuff. Bad luck. 

SENIORS. I am pretty sad with their performance. I just thought they're about to leave the premises of the school yet they didn't do something remarkable. It's kind of sad but they actually did okay and they were so humble at the awarding where they cheer people from other year levels. Acceptance is key. Well in my senior year, I was pretty good at a academics and stuff and sometimes even if I don't devote my time studying,  I still nail it at some point. My best friend and I were classmates at this point and it was the best year ever!

I have mentioned that my sister in second year didn't win and the freshies took home the prize but they really did well and I think that's enough. Well, I know everybody did their job and did their best and I congratulate everyone for that but yeah that's just what I thought and things can't be undone now. So yeah that's the event and my high school looked like in a nutshell. See yah!

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