Thursday, 13 February 2014

February So Far

Hola guys! I just want to share/take note of how my February have been. This is so far a very chillax month but at the same time it's kind of eventful as well. Ang gulo lang. Anyways. Uhm chillax events nalang. 

First, at the very first day of the month, I saw this. It's kind of sad to say goodbye to a friend but things really have to happen the way it happened. I'm happy because I know it's for the better. Let me just tell you about her. We came in to work together and we really clicked so I don't know I will really miss her. I was moved when I saw the note because I kind of saw her writing that but I didn't think she would write my name because we were on duty on her last day of duty and the thing is we never really said goodbye probably. Pulled a Life of Pi tiger moment there huh? But yeah I would have probably be emotional and stuff so yeah. Oh well. 

Second picture happened on a Sunday. Well I don't really believe in luck alone but I was pretty impressed with these horses so I had to take a picture. This is also the time where I had to buy stuff to bring with me to Japan. Can I just talk about Horoscopes? There were so many boards there with horoscopes and stuff and my cousin was really interested in reading, right? I was like, wait a second! I noticed they said nice things to all horoscope and I was like, really now? But you know, those are nice guides for people but if you're just gonna let that happen on its own, na-uh! 

the sun is setting

Lastly, pictures of the sky. I don't remember how to the sky looks is Japan but I will surely miss my view here. Sad. Hopefully it's better there though.  Just a side note, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW. Anyways, just like most of my Birthdays, I don't really get too excited. I think of it as a special day but no need for a huge celebration or anything like that. Will blog about my feelings if I feel like it tomorrow. Ciao! :) 

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