Tuesday, 11 February 2014

RIP Flappy Bird

Hola guys! Can I just say that I kind of ate my own words when I said that I wouldn't try Flappy Bird. But now that it's already down, I thought I'd share with you things that I have learned from playing it for just a short time. I don't have crazy high scores or anything. Just saying.

1. Patience is a Virtue

Man if you have patience, it'll get you somewhere. I think if you have patience, you'll be good at this game. And sometimes even though you've already scored high, it doesn't guarantee you that you'll get a higher score after that. This game will make you hit rock bottom. MOST OF THE TIME.  

2. Practice Makes Perfect

This is to support my first lesson learned. Some people are just so good at things the first time they try it or people we call "the naturals" but unfortunately, some people are not like that.  Some people work their way up. By playing it often, you will notice that you will get better. Somehow.

3. Don't Give Up

This is like relevant. I would really seclude myself from the gadget and call it a day and then afterwards I'll grab the gadget again and attempt to improve my high score. So I suggest that in life, it seems like there's no chance of redeeming yourself but you're wrong. Life gets better at some point. Or sometimes it's us who change our standards and just be okay with things. Don't give up.  

Those are the three things I have learned from the game. I'm actually glad I tried it before the app developer pulled it out earlier this morning. I don't understand it completely but I respect his decision. So basically, he doesn't want his personal life to be involved with this and with his app earning as much as $50,000 (I read somewhere), I admire his decision really. But he probably have enough already. Anyways he also said (on Twitter?) that he won't stop developing apps. Flappy Bird probably caused him more harm than fortune so be it.

As of this writing, the app is no longer available on the app store but if you downloaded it beforehand, the game is still playable. Weird.

 So yeah that's all about this post. See yah! :) 

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