Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Falls in Our Stars | Tanay Falls

Hello guys! I've been meaning to blog this for a while but just looking at the pictures make me lazy because there's just too much to share! Anyway, one fine Sunday, my cousin and I went to Tanay Rizal because I heard my co-workers talk about the place so yeah I was curious, told my cousin about it, and went. 

Don't call us greedy though! We tried to invite friends but they weren't up for it. Anyways. This blog would be mostly pictures of the wonderful nature and stuff so enjoy! But I would still make kwento of course. Bummer, right? LOL. So we left at like 6 ish and arrived there probably a little past 8:30 and yeah it was a long long long time of commuting but it was worth it! Like, if I could, I would go back and spent another day there. So when we arrived at our destination, this happened. 

just hangin' out

We were like so amazed by the clear water that runs thru this whatever and yeah we took quite a lot of pictures there for some reason. I actually thought that this would be where the falls would be at and stuff but yeah clearly wrong. We were also amazed by the rock balancing thing they have going on. 

to the falls!
So yeah there are quite a lot of spots there like that of above. Although stunning, not good enough to swim so we just took photos of that and moved on. 

So nice! I actually searched for online reviews from blogs and stuff so I had enough dosage of pictures but seeing it in person is just different. It doesn't look any different but you know, pictures cannot give justice to the actual falls itself I think.

The life guard was so nice to take quite a lot of pictures of my cousin and I and so yeah I find that the loneliest thing about travelling alone or like with just someone is that it's gonna be hard to like take pictures and stuff so yeah. Actually that's the only problem. 

We actually went to two different falls. The pictures above are from Daranak Falls and below would be pictures from Batlag Falls. I don't know but I found too many blogs that say that they only charge 10 pesos for Batlag but we were charged 100 pesos each. I don't know when that change took place but yeah as of this writing, it's 100 bucks per person. But no regrets!! It was worth every peso. So yeah we had to walk quite a long way to get to the other falls. 

cousin waiting for me (apparently)
Batlag Falls

The difference between these two falls is that Batlag seems to be more private than Daranak. I was kind of against the idea of it before we payed the fee because I was thinking that this shouldn't be like being payed for because it was somehow nature's gift and stuff and that we should be enjoying this for free but yeah whatever. It was actually nice and the fee kind of really made it private which means we shared the water with lesser people and stuff so yeah I think we were able to maximize the place at least.

Can I just share that the water was super cold! Almost ice cold. The tri-bike guy actually told us beforehand that the water would be cold and that the reason that this place is only crowded during the summer (March - June) is that the water is cold during the time we visited so yeah but there were still a good number of people in. Anyways.

I like this shot
just keep swimming
We also encountered some good souls in Batlag and thank goodness took pictures of us and stuff and yeah though there's a story I am still thinking whether to share, it's overall a good experience in this falls. 

As for the swimming experience, besides the cold water, I think what makes swimming not ideal is the rocky floor and if you're not careful, you might get sliced open. I had some cuts but yeah nothing too major. 


Also quite difference is that you can't actually sit like this on Daranak because the water is deeper where the falls are in Daranak and in Batlag, there's this rock where you can sit on and stuff. So yeah. 

another picture of us yay

When we went back to Daranak, there were a lot of people already. We actually just returned to say thanks to the life guard who watched over our bags. Well the story is that you can't actually just place your bags anywhere but at some selected spots but he said that since there's only two of us, he would allow us and just look after it. 

So yeah I recomment you guys visit this place and just have fun. It's a nice place to celebrate nature and have a little swim and yeah it was such a memorable experience and I can't wait to be back! Will definitely revisit. 


  1. Wow! Looks like a great place!! Great post love! The pictures are great!!

    Stay Beautiful,

    Bailey ♡


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