Sunday, 26 January 2014

Whoa! Not Too Fast!

This is really relevant. But it's still a mind boggling relevance that we are talking about here. Like at some point, a part of me wants to hang out here still whilst a part of me wants to fly to Japan already. But I'm kind of scared to be honest. When they say that college is your training ground, they weren't kidding. So I feel like I'm somehow safer here than what will my fate be in Japan. But then you create your own fate. 

Anyway I found this typo on a most relevant situation ever. I was doing a hepatitis profile and if you don't have an idea what that is, it measures titers and stuff to know whether someone's reactive or not and stuff and for most part, it's not really a hassle. Well except for times when the controls are not cooperating and that stuff. Anyways since we are operating a "almost all manual" laboratory, I have to do it all together, right? Well that should actually really be the case until two of the tests' control were out and what to do? Repeat, right? They already made an arrangement to the patient that the result will be available later in the afternoon and well I hesitated to repeat the procedure that day and decided to just do it the next day because I already lack time. And I thought, it's just a waste to have something planned the next that when in fact you can finish it the day you have to finish it so you won't have have to worry about it the next day. Because if this cycle goes on, you would't be able finish anything on time and it sucks. 

You know if there's something I could tell students and if only I could go back to that state, I would tell them and myself to finish everything on time. Like, just do it. And probably don't stick to one topic. Specially during college where you have to study tons of topics in one go. I think the best way to do it really is to cover all the topics and just go back to the one you didn't understand when you have time. And if you don't have time, at least you have finished studying everything else. If you're lucky, the one you didn't understand might not actually be an item on your exam. That's if you're lucky. But you get what I mean right? If you finish things on time, you would have time for other things the next day and actually move on and not like doing things that are already due yesterday and stuff. Well this is really a hard process. But I think that just thinking about it not being right is actually a good thing already. Like not finishing things on time. 

I know this has been like random but you know, I realize that's how I think. I talk about things as it comes out my mind and I really don't like writing on paper first and like make an organized list and like construct ideas. I'm not that OC but sometimes I feel like doing that stuff as well. Okay before I blab about more irrelevant stuff, Imma stop here LOL. So yeah. That's all I have to say! Bye! :)

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