Sunday, 26 January 2014

Harry Potter Love | Sirius Black.

If you don't know already, I am obsessed with Harry Potter. J.K. should probably make things up to keep us all entertained! :) Okay so I found this on Tumblr and I was amazed. Awesome stuff! :) It's called Hogwarts Houses and Landscapes for the obvious reason so I won't be discussing that anymore.


The friend that re-blogged this photo is actually a Ravenclaw so I would like to give credit to her by posting her house first! :) Awesome!

I know a Hufflepuff as well and she's like the queen of the martys if you ask me. I was actually supposed to blog about her stupid journey but I guess I should just shut my mouth and keep things to myself but then my silence doesn't mean that I would just forget the story. I will tell you guys some other time. 


Now to my Slytherin friends, can I just say that I miss you guys! That's actually my best friend and my cousin. Hang out soon. 

And lastly, Gryffindor! I know two Gryffs actually. Myself and my other self! I told you before that I signed up for Pottermore using my other e-mail address and I did that because I'm pretty sure I did something wrong on my first try and stuff but apparently, I'm really a Gryffindor. So that's me and my ego probably. It seems like it's possible to be friends with SLYTHERINS. 

This ladies and gentlemen is one of the reasons why I love Sirius Black. Loyalty is key! Good vibes!

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  1. Such a nice post! : ) Great photos! I like them! : )


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