Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Navarro vs. Cornejo Issue

Hola! I just want to touch on a topic that I somehow don't give an eff about. But I'm still gonna talk about it because for some reason, the reaction of the majority pisses me off.

If you don't know what the issue is, let me just refresh your memory or maybe inform you whatever applies. Okay so Vhong Navarro was beaten up after allegedly tried to rape someone named Deniece Cornejo. Vhong's fans obviously are trying to defend their hero whilst there are others who are somehow neutral about it. Well I'm not sure whether there are actually people on the girl's side but whatever. 

I was only able to watch news recently and I can't really stand it as much as I want to. It's just everywhere! I mean I definitely can take an update of the news one or twice a day but the fact that it is featured segment after segment after segment everyday makes me want to turn off the TV which I did at some point thank you very much. And that's not actually what pisses me off. 

I'm happy to say that I don't really care about who's saying the "truth" as of the moment because with two versions of the event, are you kidding me? I mean, I don't know who's saying the real truth don't I? Even if I believe one of the versions, I might just get disappointed so I won't.So just give me a break and I'll leave it alone. You better do too actually. 

Netizens are kind of wild I understand and some people are saying that this event masks the real problem of the society which I agree on because why are people more interested in this than the whole Napoles thing? Well I'm actually sick of that too but good thing is I would never be on Napoles' side. I say she's less convincing than this girl Deniece. Anyways.

On to what pisses me. I SO HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE ARE JUDGING HER BY WAY SHE LOOKS. I am actually trying to avoid this issue as much as possible. I didn't even read a full article regarding this one and the only place I stumble upon the issue is Facebook. Recently, the video where Deniece appeared on a show called Wowowee went viral. I must admit she looked different there but I don't care. You know it annoys me that some people are saying things like "DI NAMAN PALA TALAGA MAGANDA E." or "PANGIT NIYA PALA E." And I'd be like, wow ha! As if. Si Daniel Matsunaga ba siya at kailangan super ganda yung girl? Get it? I don't why people are judging her that way. It won't solve anything if you figured out she had this and that done. I don't know if your irrelevant information can bring us closer to the truth. Do you think she would withdraw her claims because she's "ashamed" of the way she looked before? NO. Sorry. Is it okay to think that someone's gonna be cleared off a rape accuse because the girl is not that pretty? Not to say that Vhong is a rapist but the way people think makes me think that that's what people think. 

You know what I think? I think there's so much hate going on. It's a bias hate actually because for some reason, I think people are just jealous of her. That's what I think. So yeah I hope people would just stop at some point and move on with their lives. 

Anyway that's about it. I don't want to appear insensitive but this is just how I see this issue. I feel sorry for what happened to Vhong and hopefully it wouldn't happen to anyone else. Whoever is saying the truth deserve justice. That's all.

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