Thursday, 27 February 2014

Getting Wild at Ark Avilon

It's my second time here and I don't really know what I was thinking and stuff but for some reason, I decided to go and see it again. Well to be fair, the first time I saw it, or like I went to this place, I was probably like, 15 or even younger I can't really remember. 

It was a delight when we walk in the place and oh! Can I just say that they have a pet shop before the pet shop and they have like a parrot? or some talking bird that was ruuuuddddeeee! Like at first we were friends with that bird and then called us ugly right before we leave and get tickets. FRIENDSHIP OVER. And then when we left, the bird was like calling people sexy or something. ruuuudddeeee! LOL. They should teach the bird to greet people at least. Anyways. 

So when we walked in, there were even more  birds and it's lovely to see them flying around and not on their cages. Like, if you're lucky, they would just shit on your head like nobody's business. I didn't see any poop though. I don't know what they do with that.

This bird was making pa-cute all the time and I was just like amused and actually never left that spot for a good amount of time. 

Can I just say that this place is not the best place to take photos because they have this glass covering the animals and then it would reflect back and stuff. Also! They do have a very dim lighting which kinda sucks but yeah. There's that. 

One thing I have noticed is that they allow you to feed some pets there. Just like some other recreational parks, you have to buy feeds. Which I find weird because it's their pets not ours. And shouldn't they pay us for feeding their pets? LOGIC. Said no one ever. 

I have noticed that my picture poses makes me look like I have Elephantiasis. Anyways. So yeah I also noticed that they charge you to take photos with their celebrities. Celebs such as the snake, the orangutan, and a parrot. One ticket costs 50 bucks and it's good for 3 people which is not bad but I remember that being already part of the entrance fee before. I don't like parks or anything that charges more money for certain things. 

Also, they have huge birds on display and I'm guessing they're dangerous because they are chained but I guess it would be better if they would be able to fly at least but then I would probably rant about not seeing them because they're flying around. Life.

Although boring, this is kind of my favorite place because it's like outdoor-sy and nice I think but yeah nothing really much in here.

By the way I don't think I've mentioned that I went with my partner in crime. My cousin of course! She's just so like me so this kind of trips are her thing as well so no problem setting things for this. Also, if you would notice, she likes wearing flip flops like nobody's business. Just saying. 

This is probably my favorite shot like. MOMENT! Do they usually look like this or should I really be amazed? 

Can I just share that I might get a snake for a pet. I don't know but I think it's kind of nice. Just one and tiny like this and not really those enormous snakes. I know they're deadly but I just think the idea of it attracts me a little bit. I will make sure to get the least dangerous/deadly snake of course. 

So this park is actually a two floor park and on the second floor, they have farm animals and some more birds on display. They have a donkey, pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, sheep, peacocks, and some other cocks (no pun intended).


This was very confusing but we did not hesitate and took photos with this set-up. I think they had it for Valentine's Day but some other things there confused me as well because they still have their Christmas lights on. IDK.

Snake! I don't have a fear of it or whatever but it was dang heavy! And cold. LOL. I have a poor eyesight and I was like seeing the snake (in person) yellow and my cousin was like, that's totally white! And I was like, how come? And then the person originally holding the snake was holding a yellow snake (literally) and I told my cousin to look at it because it's definitely yellow and she was like, totally WHITE! And then the guy confirmed that they have two snakes. The one being white (the one we took pictures with) and the one he's holding that moment. Weird. My cousin told me it might be the lighting because at one moment she thought it was yellow too until she got hold of it. 

Anyways, I did have fun. Although I got really disappointed with some stuff but let's just not discuss that for good vibes so yeah. See yah!

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