Sunday, 30 June 2013

Tea Time with Cathy and Mikie

I truly believe this should be a legit segment on my blog. But sometimes, I get disappointed by teas so I don't get inspired to continue with that kind of posts but now, I think that no matter how much I loathe (big word) the teas that I've tried, I must share it with you. That's all! Let's go!!

Okay this one we tried because we don't have a choice. I guess we just wanted to have a tea and somehow rest our feet from our tiring UST trip. So that happened. Anyways. I kind of regret we didn't drink at ChaTime because wala lang. Anyways. 

I actually didn't enjoy the tea but the taste is actually interesting. I actually  don't remember it's exact flavor but if I can remember it right, it's something like green tea yogurt. Or some macha yogurt. Okay I've checked it now. It's Yogurt Green Tea. I kind of regret picking that flavor because firstly, I wasn't able to taste the green tea. Secondly, I wasn't able to taste the yogurt. That's just sad you know. Oh and despite choosing the normal level of sweetness, thirdly, I wasn't able to taste the sugar. I was able to taste my cousin's drink and it was actually alright. 

For some reason, my cousin always picks the safe flavor so good for her. Not always, but I like experimenting with flavors.  

So next up! This happened probably two days ago, just after my review class. I was like, okay maybe I need to chillax a little bit. So I asked my cousin to go with me and find a place to kind of settle down and just be a potato for a while.

But that didn't happen. Instead, I asked my cousin to help me write stuff so yeah. But she was like, texting half the time. Boo. LOL. Anyways, we went to a place called Gong Cha by the way. In Cubao. 

Okay so I got Salted Caramel Tea or is that even the flavor of it? But something close if not that. It was alright. I mean, nothing like Happy Lemon but yeah. It's a little more expensive than Happy Lemon stuff so that makes it a little disappointing. 

 My cousin's drink is Caramel Tea which was okay. As usual. Oh well. Can't wait to try more teas! :) Good vibes!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Voice UK Season 2 Winner

If you're not yet aware, let me be the one to break it to you. Andrea Begley is the winner of the voice. And for some reason, even though I don't ship her, and I really didn't think she would win this competition, I'm quite happy she won. Weird. She's actually good but I genuinely think Leah is way better. But I guess the UK believed in her more so hopefully they would support her and make her big even after the competition. I think Leah, Mike, and Karl would be big and I think it's just gonna be a matter of time until I would be able to hear something from them. Which I am actually excited about! So yay! 

Instead of actually reviewing, I watched the final episode of The Voice because I can't help it and I wouldn't be able to concentrate anyways (excuses). Okay this is actually what happened. I was searching when The Voice Finals would be and I opened Wikipedia and then I saw that Andrea already won and I was like, how the heck that happened? (no offense) I'm only thinking that way because Leah McFall is there. Last week when Andrea won against Karl Michael, I was like, she probably can beat Karl but she can't beat Leah and now this happened. How unpredictable life is.

You know it's funny because she looks like a younger version of my mum in this picture. Or it's probably the lipstick. Anyways, Imma pretend this is my mum so it would hurt less. LOL. I'm just being silly. So yeah. Congratulations Andrea! :) Congrats on the KISS, congrats on singing with The Script and being friends with Danny and stuff I could only wish for.

Congratulation Danny in winning this season! :) Let's just pretend you'll be able to read this. Let's give way to my fandom hahaha. It all kind of happened too fast. I can still remember when this audition happened and yeah we have a winner now. Congratulations again, Andrea! 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Memory Corner | Flashback Friday 3

1. I wouldn't forget this because this is like taken during our first day in our second internship. I am with my good friend which I was with during the first internship as well. What happened is that our first post (hematology) is kind of being renovated that very time so our head staff is busy directing his people on where to place things so he explained that he can't orient us that day and we actually had to stay outside while the rest of our co-interns were being oriented on their respective posts so we  just took pictures of ourselves and yeah these are the outcome.

2. This is a friend's photo that I grabbed moments before our retreat and we  (thesis leader and I) weren't actually supposed to be in the frame but that happened. Basically, this very day, we were supposed to present the first part of our thesis but then again, I think 4/5 of our members are actually going out for retreat so the leader and I had to come up with good vibes scenarios and that we just said that the remaining member would be able to present it properly and that we wouldn't have to worry and just believe. We look kind of problematic but you know, been there done that.

3. Brownies from sister's "boyfie" I actually ate stuff from the boyfriend too so even though they're sort of not  "together" anymore, I still thank the kid for being generous but to be honest, basing it from some stuff, I don't think I like you for my sister yet. Oh wells.

4. Sister's graduation! It's actually quite funny that my sister chose to have red lips that day and her classmates were like, Anne Curtis! Haha nothing much. Just wanna share this. Can I just share that my sister is more obsessed with make up than I am as of this moment? I remember when I was still her age, I also am obsessed with make up so maybe that's why I'm not that worried. It's like I know what exactly would happen to her when she's already my age now. Ha! Generation gap. 

5. No idea lol. That's when I just came home from duty. At first he was like jumping non stop and when he calmed down, this happened. I think he just missed me a little bit too much.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wrath of Hell

I always liked the rain. But in times like this, it can get really annoying. Yesterday, I went to probably the most craziest journey on my own. So our class ended at like 7:10 pm or longer instead of 7:00 pm because our instructor told us to stay and that we could take advantage of the time and continue on with the topic instead of just waiting downstairs and wait for the rain to stop and doing nothing. So yeah. Anyways, I went to the place where I usually ride, right? Then after probably 30 minutes of waiting in the rain, I finally thought I would just take a different route and would just walk to the train station (not very far anyways) but VERY DANGEROUS! Imma tell you something at the end. So when I reached the Train Station, the lines are mega  long and worst is since there are what look like 3 lines, there are quite a lot of people who got in earlier than those who actually fell in line. Nakakahiya naman sa kanila. So can I just say that setting that aside, I'm quite proud of the progress of the LRT protocol because they cut off people from entering now and would just allow a certain number amount of people in so that there would be "enough" (still not quite) space for people to enter and the next station and the station next to that. I guess 10 trains passed by before I was actually able to go in which I didn't mind at all because that might be worse if they didn't imply that new policy. When I was able to enter, my umbrella fell and it's like Newton's Law of Motion was happening and that there's no chance for me to pick up the umbrella and the girl behind me was like, sorry I can't pick it too but fortunately, the girl waiting to get in was able to pick it up and give it to me. Mega thankful! Thank you again ate! Whoever you are. Call me sexist or whatever but I super hate it when boys call me ate when they're obviously older than I am. I forgive when it's 50-50 chance that it'd be the case but those 40 plus looking guys are unforgivable. I also forgive if it's somehow very sincere but those pervs! UGH. So whatever.  What happened inside the car was like, the funniest experience of the night, it's funnier yesterday but Imma tell it  still anyways. There's someone who brought an electric fan and normally, people would be annoyed and irritated but after a while, people were like, "open it na ate." because we're like super crowded and it's super hot inside and then I was just observing and laughing (when necessary) and one thing I have proved (from yesterday and internship) is that students from different school are way too sociable than people from my school. But anyways, that girl (bless her) is too funny man. She's actually a head taller than us. Well for me at least and she was like making jokes and being friends with the girl holding the electric fan and she even volunteered to hold the electric fan for a short while. Anyways. That happened. 

And then awhile ago, our class is supposed to be at 1 pm and then probably at 1:30, the office people told the late comers that our instructor wouldn't make it (as always) and then those late comers shared it to us who are already in, right? And then what happened was at 2, the office made it official. But I'm really glad today happened. Because my schoolmate which I'm always with left earlier and decided not to attend the 5-7 class already but that's not the good point. And so when I was left alone, a girl approached me and we can say that I gained a friend. Just a little background, she's from Mindanao and her fate is kind of the reverse of mine because she actually took nursing for 2 years and shifted to medical technology and yeah. She's Muslim, friendly, and very funny! I am actually very excited to have a friend from other parts of The Philippines and yeah. Okay so the reason why that place is dangerous is that one of my high school friends already had an experience in that place and the other day, the schoolmate I was talking about experienced it. Totally different though because my high school friend got hurt but what happened to my school mate is that she felt like there's something on her backpack and when she turned her head, she saw that a girl is holding the zipper of her bag's small pocket and then she just pretended she didn't see anything and just left the scene. Which I personally think is the best thing to do. And then awhile ago, she said that the girl is still there and was following another person. Anyways. That's all I have to share guys. Good vibes. 

On another note, as much as I loved Andrea Begley's One of Us performance better during The Voice UK's Live Shows, I'm still sad that Karl Michael had to leave the show. 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Voice PH | Constructive Criticism

Aloha guys! Watched The Voice Philippines and can I just say something? I don't know what's going on with this thing yet. Well the stage kind of looks different but I'm thinking it's probably because of bad editing (maybe) or maybe the camera is awkwardly positioned and stuff but then again, at the end of the day, it all goes down to talent. Which kind of confuse me. I think the Blind Auditions went a little bit too fast. I don't know but I feel like they're all in a rush that sometimes I don't understand what they're saying and stuff. I suggest there should be a subtitle so that it's gonna be easier to follow. Like THE VOICE UK. Also, as a self proclaim fan of the franchise, I suggest that the sound when somebody pushed the button should be louder so that people would somehow recognize it more when someone turned because for example! My mom is just clueless what's happening all the time. I have to explain to her what's happening like every 2 minutes or so.  Also, can I just say that the Red Chair kind of looks small and unstable? Or maybe the judges are just hyper and would shake the chairs but yeah I just noticed. With regards to the audio, It is kind of soft in my opinion and like, the background music is way too loud and sometimes I can't really hear the singing happening. That's like constructive criticism though. I'm very happy that we have our own The Voice here in the Philippines. I don't have a favorite yet but I'll sure share who (if there would be any) on my next post about this. Good vibes! :)  

Pets and Sunset

Hi guys! I've told you here that the resort we went to on my mum's birthday allow pets to actually go in so we did bring two of our dogs with us. They were such a delight and made the experience kind of different than the usual. In a fun way.

Can I just make kwento a little bit? I didn't document it but Hashi bathed in the bay! Like, she hates shower so we were kind of hesitant if she would go in and the deal is we wouldn't force her to go in but then when we reach the shore or whatever, she went in the water by herself and swimming like a national team swimmer there. We're all looking like her like a proud momma. Except my mum who thought that Hashi would die right away. But it's all good now!

Mocha also bathed but when she came in the room with dad, she was covered with sand particles so mum wasn't happy about that but I bet Mocha really enjoyed that experience as well. Too bad we didn't able to witness it though. 

I don't have much things to tell you guys anymore but I hope y'all enjoy the pictures :). Can I just reiterate that this is probably the most gorgeous sunset I've witnessed. I went out of the room because I wanted to see the sunset and took pictures by myself and when I returned to the room, I saw Mika and asked her to go back with me so that I would have pictures with it and then whilst we're taking pictures, the rest went out as well so I asked my other sister to take pictures with me and Mika  in it as well. And vice versa.


ME :)
It's actually kind of odd because I can barely be recognized but you know, whatever! I must have this picture.

Can I just say that when I saw this picture while reviewing the sunset batch, I was kind of proud and happy I took this because it's like unintentionally artsy.

That's where this adventure ends guys I hope you had fun reading or like, seeing the pictures because let's be honest, there are times when we're just all lazy to read shiz and we just want to see pictures. LOL. Have a good day y'all!

Friday, 14 June 2013

I Will Survive

I just had a sudden realization. And as always, I want to share it with you. 

Because of review, I feel like I always don't have energy left when I reach home. I feel like I would literally burst sometimes. But what keeps me going is that people, actually, a lot of people were able to survive this phase. And if they were able to, there's no reason why I can't. You know, I noticed that whenever I feel down or something, I always think that I'm at my worst. I would always make a big deal out of it. Anyways. The fact is things will never be constantly okay. When I already pass this licensure exam (think positive), what will be my next problem? It's impossible not to have one. Thinking about it, what's the problem of people who have already passed the board exam? I wonder. Because as of this moment, I can't think of a problem bigger than mine. But that's just me. 

Okay enough of that. You know what they say, the board exam is a test of how well you have prepared for it. So I will do my best to prepare for it. But for some reason, I can't really find time when I'm not tired and just ready to give in and study for it. So maybe I'm doing all this wrong but consulting some of my friends, they were like, yeah, same! So I don't know. Oh well. I will pass this! I will surpass this. Way back high school, I sure had a lot of "what I think are problems" and then at the end, I even thought that passing a college entrance exam is the real deal! And like the biggest problem I would ever face in my life. Seriously! But when I was able to pass and enter UST, I have to face that sort of the same problem almost every day! And almost every day, I would always think the same thing. I would always think that that day is my worst. Some worse than the others. So imagine the stress! I know I shouldn't be talking about that but that's a fact. So whatever. Okay erase that now! I already survived UST days.

But it's okay guys. I have been thru quite a lot so we can say that I'm getting better in handling situations like this. On another note, I'm kind of getting used to the long hours of review but what I can't stand is that some of my classmates are really noisy and you know it's not helping. Here's the thing! There's too many of them that you would actually think that it's their regular college class. I don't like it. The number one reason is that I don't understand what they're saying so yeah. I'm not hating on them though. I just wish that they would be more considerate. People are trying to learn and review. That's all. I hope you guys are having an awesome time! :)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mama's Birthday Celebration

Hi guys! I just want to share what happened to my mum's birthday. Okay so my mum's birthday is on the 8th of June and we went to Bataan to celebrate. I have only been to Bataan twice, I guess. The first was when we went to Montemar and then the later is what I'm gonna tell you know. 

Can I just say that I feel kind of free being able to join events nowadays. Although I must admit that I actually skipped a day in my review class but I'm gonna make up for it! I'll do my best to cope up. Okay enough of that. Okay so let's get into it! :) I must give you a little warning though. This post is bombarded with pictures so yeah. The resort that we went to is called Bataan White Corals. What separates them from other resorts is that they allow pets inside the resort so upon hearing this, mum decided to bring with us two of our beloved pets. Hashi and her mum Mocha. Can I just say that it's no easy job bringing pets. Especially when we were in the car. Mocha was kind of alright but Hashi is dang wild. 

This is when we stopped for a while to give the pets a bathroom break. I was kind of amused because Mocha was eating the grass which she doesn't do on a normal basis so I don't know. Maybe she was dizzy from the trip or something. 

Now the outside or the front part of the resort didn't really impress me. Nothing so special. It would actually give you an idea that the resort is small. And this is also one reason why we shouldn't judge something by its cover. 

I was actually impressed by the resort itself. The ambiance is beautiful and peaceful looking. Can I just say that I hate that the resort beside our resort have this videoke machine and they're effing noisy as hell. I mean, I don't sing very good but at least I am not bothering people when I do. They were like singing 24/7. How can that be not annoying? Oh anyways.

I don't really like the room as well. It does the job but mum told me that it is more expensive here than in Montemar and the rooms are actually more beautiful in Montemar so that's sort of my comparison and justification. Also, there's no free shampoos, soaps, and other stuff to steal. But anyways. LOL. Good thing my mum is always prepared with these stuff whenever we check-in somewhere. Good thinking, mum! <3


To make up for that, I was very impressed with their pools. There are two of them (as you may have seen already) one is the Fresh Water and the later is the Salt Water. They're not playing when they say SALT WATER because for some reason, I have accidentally tasted it and it's legit salt water. I personally prefer the Fresh Water though. 


When I first saw it, I fell in love. I was actually not expecting that the beach would look like the pictures above because you know, I think I told you before that Subic Bay disappoints me a little bit. But this is like, perf! I don't know if it's two different things or how things work but I don't care. Basta me likey. :D Also, can I just say that I'm so proud of my little sister for actually not injuring herself? Just a little back story for ya'll, she was stung by a jellyfish in Dakak, Cebu and was punctured by a sea urchin in Montemar, Bataan and some other minor cases in between so I'm really proud that even though there's like a warning that there are many sea urchins, she survived! :D  HOORAY!

Some more photos from the event! I decided to put the pets and some sunset photos in a different post because it deserves to be in a separate post because it's like perfection 2.0. But I won't be cutting you off of course. I'm gonna show you a sample photo in a while. 

This one I cropped (obviously) because when the guy who took this photo is taking our photo, I noticed that his finger is covering the lens and I was like, okay maybe not. And then when we already finished posing and stuff, he was like, OKAY! :) And then I was like, so maybe his finger is not really covering. And then we viewed the pictures at the restaurant, his finger is also in the frame. As you may have still noticed on the right side of the picture. So that's the story of it. Thank you though! :)

Not a fan of their restaurant. It's a little pricey in my opinion. The food is not that great as well. Oh well. We had lunch here but the other day, we like "trespassed" in another resort just to access their restaurant. LOL. Which is a little bit cheaper. A LITTLE BIT. But not that great either.

Probably the most awesome sunset I've witnessed. SERIOUS STUFF. If I can, I would totally buy a house somewhere here because it's just perfection. See you guys next post! I'll try my best to post it this week. 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Ship in the Bottle

Okay so this is like a story I really have to share with you guys. I've told you guys that I have started reviewing for my board exam already, yeah? And let me just tell you about this. The first day was so freaking exhausting! Imagine! We only had an hour break from 8 am - 7 pm. Non stop! Information overload! But I'm not gonna tell you guys more boring stuff than I already did. Okay so this is what happened. Our lunch schedule is supposed to be at 12, right? But then our instructor asked our permission to extend her lesson up to 12:30 so that she wouldn't cut it halfway because that would lead to poorer retention and stuff, right? She also told us that her decision is final so we don't really get to choose. LOL. 

Okay so an unknown guy kind of knocked, I guess? And then the instructor asked if he's like looking for someone and so after they talked, the instructor told the guy to go to the office instead because for eff's sake, we're having our something something, right? So yeah. But she was nicer than that and actually just asked the guy to ask assistance at the office. The guy came back probably 5000 words after (our hema teacher talks way too fast) and then the somehow office guy talked to our instructor or some stuff and it seems to be clearer to our instructor all of a sudden. Okay that happened. 

The guy who knocked then excused himself from our tumbling minds and told us about his life drama. As a starter, he told us that my review center have been helping his family and his former inmates' families for quite a while now and okay with his story now. He said that his parents are both dead now and that he's the one taking care of her two sisters. He said that he was imprisoned for 14 years. He also said that he'd be showing us products that he and his inmates did to support their families outside the jail. So okay. One of the products featured is a ship inside a bottle. Not as nice as the photo above of course.

It's not even whiskey bottle. Here's the thing! It's actually kind of expensive (at least for me) and the bottle is like ugly but I do appreciate that they recycled stuff but recycled bottles can be pretty too you know. Okay so whatever. He said that they do things manually and stuff and that's actually believable. I saw someone do it myself before so I wasn't as surprised as some of my mates. Then our instructor was kind enough to ask him to sit and wait for the lunch break and then when we returned he was like thanking everyone who bought his products and then somehow summarized his story and then I did hear that he mentioned that he was imprisoned for 13 years and I was just like, where did the other year go? Okay so whatever, right? He then said something like there's someone who came to him and doesn't really want to buy but gave him 50 pesos to somehow help him and that if we want to help too, he would pass a bag to put in our tokens and whatever and then when the bag reached the middle, our instructor asked us to stop passing it. Asked the office guy to get and return it to the guy and contrary to what he said, the higher office doesn't know that the guy entered our room.

While in the middle of our lesson, our instructor asked us who that person is (gave the 50 pesos) and like after asking probably three times, still, no one answered. Oh well. It's pretty sad. I like the idea of people working to support their families but to actually say something that is NOT TRUE, that's offensive. It's really sad what people do  nowadays just to get something from other peoples' pockets. Not true for everyone but this is why I don't like giving coins or anything to people asking for it. I think I have told you this but this is especially true to children and tough guys asking for alms. I just want to emphasize that children shouldn't be the one working! These more masculine guys than the actual working guys should! It irritates me a little bit actually and I might punch someone in the face next time. AGH! I hate it.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Getting Touristy at UST

If you have been with me for some time, you may have known that I am from The University of Santo Tomas which I'm really proud of by the way and I can't imagine myself being an alumni of a different institution. I don't mean to offend any schools of course. It's just a matter of preference. So last week, I went back to check and to run some errands that I would be needing for the board exam application and shiz like that but mostly to check and take some pictures and stuff like that. Well of course! Actually, I wasn't able to accomplish paper works because of stuff so I'll definitely come back for that soon.

I'm pretty sure I have a picture the same as this but I don't know. Just kidding! I'm not sure. Never sure on anything these past few days, eh? So I kind of already saw the things (major letterings) I am about to show you guys below but only in pictures so when I saw it in person, I was like, excited because come on! When will I be able to go to UST with these on? With no students? Not anytime soon. So yeah we took an ample amount of pictures!

What I liked about this trip is that since there's no regular classes, there's literally just the two of us (my cousin and I) most of the time. Precious!

I'm not gonna talk about my med issues to you but this one is pretty nice. I have an issue with the general idea of this though. I'm kind of bothered by the way they spelled the things because as you can see from above, it's like this MEd. Why though? Can't spell properly, huh?


Okay so for some reason, I wasn't able to go out the arc just yet. But I kind of lost my interest in doing that but I might do it soon. And if  I do, I want it to be dramatic. LOL. You're probably thinking what the heck I'm talking about but it's like a tradition for first year students to enter the arch of the centuries and then exit upon graduation but then again I wasn't able to exit due to some unknown reasons so there you go.


This is probably the most exciting part of the trip. Like, I was so surprised that they placed this kind of seat and then I asked my cousin why is she not excited and she said she's pretty sure I'm the only one who got excited with the existence of this thingy. I'm pretty sure not! I don't know if this is like a permanent thing though. Because things come and go. LOL. True story. Anyways, it was such a fun experience to go back there. UST will always be my home away from home.
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.