Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wrath of Hell

I always liked the rain. But in times like this, it can get really annoying. Yesterday, I went to probably the most craziest journey on my own. So our class ended at like 7:10 pm or longer instead of 7:00 pm because our instructor told us to stay and that we could take advantage of the time and continue on with the topic instead of just waiting downstairs and wait for the rain to stop and doing nothing. So yeah. Anyways, I went to the place where I usually ride, right? Then after probably 30 minutes of waiting in the rain, I finally thought I would just take a different route and would just walk to the train station (not very far anyways) but VERY DANGEROUS! Imma tell you something at the end. So when I reached the Train Station, the lines are mega  long and worst is since there are what look like 3 lines, there are quite a lot of people who got in earlier than those who actually fell in line. Nakakahiya naman sa kanila. So can I just say that setting that aside, I'm quite proud of the progress of the LRT protocol because they cut off people from entering now and would just allow a certain number amount of people in so that there would be "enough" (still not quite) space for people to enter and the next station and the station next to that. I guess 10 trains passed by before I was actually able to go in which I didn't mind at all because that might be worse if they didn't imply that new policy. When I was able to enter, my umbrella fell and it's like Newton's Law of Motion was happening and that there's no chance for me to pick up the umbrella and the girl behind me was like, sorry I can't pick it too but fortunately, the girl waiting to get in was able to pick it up and give it to me. Mega thankful! Thank you again ate! Whoever you are. Call me sexist or whatever but I super hate it when boys call me ate when they're obviously older than I am. I forgive when it's 50-50 chance that it'd be the case but those 40 plus looking guys are unforgivable. I also forgive if it's somehow very sincere but those pervs! UGH. So whatever.  What happened inside the car was like, the funniest experience of the night, it's funnier yesterday but Imma tell it  still anyways. There's someone who brought an electric fan and normally, people would be annoyed and irritated but after a while, people were like, "open it na ate." because we're like super crowded and it's super hot inside and then I was just observing and laughing (when necessary) and one thing I have proved (from yesterday and internship) is that students from different school are way too sociable than people from my school. But anyways, that girl (bless her) is too funny man. She's actually a head taller than us. Well for me at least and she was like making jokes and being friends with the girl holding the electric fan and she even volunteered to hold the electric fan for a short while. Anyways. That happened. 

And then awhile ago, our class is supposed to be at 1 pm and then probably at 1:30, the office people told the late comers that our instructor wouldn't make it (as always) and then those late comers shared it to us who are already in, right? And then what happened was at 2, the office made it official. But I'm really glad today happened. Because my schoolmate which I'm always with left earlier and decided not to attend the 5-7 class already but that's not the good point. And so when I was left alone, a girl approached me and we can say that I gained a friend. Just a little background, she's from Mindanao and her fate is kind of the reverse of mine because she actually took nursing for 2 years and shifted to medical technology and yeah. She's Muslim, friendly, and very funny! I am actually very excited to have a friend from other parts of The Philippines and yeah. Okay so the reason why that place is dangerous is that one of my high school friends already had an experience in that place and the other day, the schoolmate I was talking about experienced it. Totally different though because my high school friend got hurt but what happened to my school mate is that she felt like there's something on her backpack and when she turned her head, she saw that a girl is holding the zipper of her bag's small pocket and then she just pretended she didn't see anything and just left the scene. Which I personally think is the best thing to do. And then awhile ago, she said that the girl is still there and was following another person. Anyways. That's all I have to share guys. Good vibes. 

On another note, as much as I loved Andrea Begley's One of Us performance better during The Voice UK's Live Shows, I'm still sad that Karl Michael had to leave the show. 

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