Friday, 21 June 2013

Memory Corner | Flashback Friday 3

1. I wouldn't forget this because this is like taken during our first day in our second internship. I am with my good friend which I was with during the first internship as well. What happened is that our first post (hematology) is kind of being renovated that very time so our head staff is busy directing his people on where to place things so he explained that he can't orient us that day and we actually had to stay outside while the rest of our co-interns were being oriented on their respective posts so we  just took pictures of ourselves and yeah these are the outcome.

2. This is a friend's photo that I grabbed moments before our retreat and we  (thesis leader and I) weren't actually supposed to be in the frame but that happened. Basically, this very day, we were supposed to present the first part of our thesis but then again, I think 4/5 of our members are actually going out for retreat so the leader and I had to come up with good vibes scenarios and that we just said that the remaining member would be able to present it properly and that we wouldn't have to worry and just believe. We look kind of problematic but you know, been there done that.

3. Brownies from sister's "boyfie" I actually ate stuff from the boyfriend too so even though they're sort of not  "together" anymore, I still thank the kid for being generous but to be honest, basing it from some stuff, I don't think I like you for my sister yet. Oh wells.

4. Sister's graduation! It's actually quite funny that my sister chose to have red lips that day and her classmates were like, Anne Curtis! Haha nothing much. Just wanna share this. Can I just share that my sister is more obsessed with make up than I am as of this moment? I remember when I was still her age, I also am obsessed with make up so maybe that's why I'm not that worried. It's like I know what exactly would happen to her when she's already my age now. Ha! Generation gap. 

5. No idea lol. That's when I just came home from duty. At first he was like jumping non stop and when he calmed down, this happened. I think he just missed me a little bit too much.

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