Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Voice UK Season 2 Winner

If you're not yet aware, let me be the one to break it to you. Andrea Begley is the winner of the voice. And for some reason, even though I don't ship her, and I really didn't think she would win this competition, I'm quite happy she won. Weird. She's actually good but I genuinely think Leah is way better. But I guess the UK believed in her more so hopefully they would support her and make her big even after the competition. I think Leah, Mike, and Karl would be big and I think it's just gonna be a matter of time until I would be able to hear something from them. Which I am actually excited about! So yay! 

Instead of actually reviewing, I watched the final episode of The Voice because I can't help it and I wouldn't be able to concentrate anyways (excuses). Okay this is actually what happened. I was searching when The Voice Finals would be and I opened Wikipedia and then I saw that Andrea already won and I was like, how the heck that happened? (no offense) I'm only thinking that way because Leah McFall is there. Last week when Andrea won against Karl Michael, I was like, she probably can beat Karl but she can't beat Leah and now this happened. How unpredictable life is.

You know it's funny because she looks like a younger version of my mum in this picture. Or it's probably the lipstick. Anyways, Imma pretend this is my mum so it would hurt less. LOL. I'm just being silly. So yeah. Congratulations Andrea! :) Congrats on the KISS, congrats on singing with The Script and being friends with Danny and stuff I could only wish for.

Congratulation Danny in winning this season! :) Let's just pretend you'll be able to read this. Let's give way to my fandom hahaha. It all kind of happened too fast. I can still remember when this audition happened and yeah we have a winner now. Congratulations again, Andrea! 


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