Sunday, 30 June 2013

Tea Time with Cathy and Mikie

I truly believe this should be a legit segment on my blog. But sometimes, I get disappointed by teas so I don't get inspired to continue with that kind of posts but now, I think that no matter how much I loathe (big word) the teas that I've tried, I must share it with you. That's all! Let's go!!

Okay this one we tried because we don't have a choice. I guess we just wanted to have a tea and somehow rest our feet from our tiring UST trip. So that happened. Anyways. I kind of regret we didn't drink at ChaTime because wala lang. Anyways. 

I actually didn't enjoy the tea but the taste is actually interesting. I actually  don't remember it's exact flavor but if I can remember it right, it's something like green tea yogurt. Or some macha yogurt. Okay I've checked it now. It's Yogurt Green Tea. I kind of regret picking that flavor because firstly, I wasn't able to taste the green tea. Secondly, I wasn't able to taste the yogurt. That's just sad you know. Oh and despite choosing the normal level of sweetness, thirdly, I wasn't able to taste the sugar. I was able to taste my cousin's drink and it was actually alright. 

For some reason, my cousin always picks the safe flavor so good for her. Not always, but I like experimenting with flavors.  

So next up! This happened probably two days ago, just after my review class. I was like, okay maybe I need to chillax a little bit. So I asked my cousin to go with me and find a place to kind of settle down and just be a potato for a while.

But that didn't happen. Instead, I asked my cousin to help me write stuff so yeah. But she was like, texting half the time. Boo. LOL. Anyways, we went to a place called Gong Cha by the way. In Cubao. 

Okay so I got Salted Caramel Tea or is that even the flavor of it? But something close if not that. It was alright. I mean, nothing like Happy Lemon but yeah. It's a little more expensive than Happy Lemon stuff so that makes it a little disappointing. 

 My cousin's drink is Caramel Tea which was okay. As usual. Oh well. Can't wait to try more teas! :) Good vibes!

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