Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mama's Birthday Celebration

Hi guys! I just want to share what happened to my mum's birthday. Okay so my mum's birthday is on the 8th of June and we went to Bataan to celebrate. I have only been to Bataan twice, I guess. The first was when we went to Montemar and then the later is what I'm gonna tell you know. 

Can I just say that I feel kind of free being able to join events nowadays. Although I must admit that I actually skipped a day in my review class but I'm gonna make up for it! I'll do my best to cope up. Okay enough of that. Okay so let's get into it! :) I must give you a little warning though. This post is bombarded with pictures so yeah. The resort that we went to is called Bataan White Corals. What separates them from other resorts is that they allow pets inside the resort so upon hearing this, mum decided to bring with us two of our beloved pets. Hashi and her mum Mocha. Can I just say that it's no easy job bringing pets. Especially when we were in the car. Mocha was kind of alright but Hashi is dang wild. 

This is when we stopped for a while to give the pets a bathroom break. I was kind of amused because Mocha was eating the grass which she doesn't do on a normal basis so I don't know. Maybe she was dizzy from the trip or something. 

Now the outside or the front part of the resort didn't really impress me. Nothing so special. It would actually give you an idea that the resort is small. And this is also one reason why we shouldn't judge something by its cover. 

I was actually impressed by the resort itself. The ambiance is beautiful and peaceful looking. Can I just say that I hate that the resort beside our resort have this videoke machine and they're effing noisy as hell. I mean, I don't sing very good but at least I am not bothering people when I do. They were like singing 24/7. How can that be not annoying? Oh anyways.

I don't really like the room as well. It does the job but mum told me that it is more expensive here than in Montemar and the rooms are actually more beautiful in Montemar so that's sort of my comparison and justification. Also, there's no free shampoos, soaps, and other stuff to steal. But anyways. LOL. Good thing my mum is always prepared with these stuff whenever we check-in somewhere. Good thinking, mum! <3


To make up for that, I was very impressed with their pools. There are two of them (as you may have seen already) one is the Fresh Water and the later is the Salt Water. They're not playing when they say SALT WATER because for some reason, I have accidentally tasted it and it's legit salt water. I personally prefer the Fresh Water though. 


When I first saw it, I fell in love. I was actually not expecting that the beach would look like the pictures above because you know, I think I told you before that Subic Bay disappoints me a little bit. But this is like, perf! I don't know if it's two different things or how things work but I don't care. Basta me likey. :D Also, can I just say that I'm so proud of my little sister for actually not injuring herself? Just a little back story for ya'll, she was stung by a jellyfish in Dakak, Cebu and was punctured by a sea urchin in Montemar, Bataan and some other minor cases in between so I'm really proud that even though there's like a warning that there are many sea urchins, she survived! :D  HOORAY!

Some more photos from the event! I decided to put the pets and some sunset photos in a different post because it deserves to be in a separate post because it's like perfection 2.0. But I won't be cutting you off of course. I'm gonna show you a sample photo in a while. 

This one I cropped (obviously) because when the guy who took this photo is taking our photo, I noticed that his finger is covering the lens and I was like, okay maybe not. And then when we already finished posing and stuff, he was like, OKAY! :) And then I was like, so maybe his finger is not really covering. And then we viewed the pictures at the restaurant, his finger is also in the frame. As you may have still noticed on the right side of the picture. So that's the story of it. Thank you though! :)

Not a fan of their restaurant. It's a little pricey in my opinion. The food is not that great as well. Oh well. We had lunch here but the other day, we like "trespassed" in another resort just to access their restaurant. LOL. Which is a little bit cheaper. A LITTLE BIT. But not that great either.

Probably the most awesome sunset I've witnessed. SERIOUS STUFF. If I can, I would totally buy a house somewhere here because it's just perfection. See you guys next post! I'll try my best to post it this week. 

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