Saturday, 15 June 2013

Pets and Sunset

Hi guys! I've told you here that the resort we went to on my mum's birthday allow pets to actually go in so we did bring two of our dogs with us. They were such a delight and made the experience kind of different than the usual. In a fun way.

Can I just make kwento a little bit? I didn't document it but Hashi bathed in the bay! Like, she hates shower so we were kind of hesitant if she would go in and the deal is we wouldn't force her to go in but then when we reach the shore or whatever, she went in the water by herself and swimming like a national team swimmer there. We're all looking like her like a proud momma. Except my mum who thought that Hashi would die right away. But it's all good now!

Mocha also bathed but when she came in the room with dad, she was covered with sand particles so mum wasn't happy about that but I bet Mocha really enjoyed that experience as well. Too bad we didn't able to witness it though. 

I don't have much things to tell you guys anymore but I hope y'all enjoy the pictures :). Can I just reiterate that this is probably the most gorgeous sunset I've witnessed. I went out of the room because I wanted to see the sunset and took pictures by myself and when I returned to the room, I saw Mika and asked her to go back with me so that I would have pictures with it and then whilst we're taking pictures, the rest went out as well so I asked my other sister to take pictures with me and Mika  in it as well. And vice versa.


ME :)
It's actually kind of odd because I can barely be recognized but you know, whatever! I must have this picture.

Can I just say that when I saw this picture while reviewing the sunset batch, I was kind of proud and happy I took this because it's like unintentionally artsy.

That's where this adventure ends guys I hope you had fun reading or like, seeing the pictures because let's be honest, there are times when we're just all lazy to read shiz and we just want to see pictures. LOL. Have a good day y'all!

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