Sunday, 9 June 2013

Ship in the Bottle

Okay so this is like a story I really have to share with you guys. I've told you guys that I have started reviewing for my board exam already, yeah? And let me just tell you about this. The first day was so freaking exhausting! Imagine! We only had an hour break from 8 am - 7 pm. Non stop! Information overload! But I'm not gonna tell you guys more boring stuff than I already did. Okay so this is what happened. Our lunch schedule is supposed to be at 12, right? But then our instructor asked our permission to extend her lesson up to 12:30 so that she wouldn't cut it halfway because that would lead to poorer retention and stuff, right? She also told us that her decision is final so we don't really get to choose. LOL. 

Okay so an unknown guy kind of knocked, I guess? And then the instructor asked if he's like looking for someone and so after they talked, the instructor told the guy to go to the office instead because for eff's sake, we're having our something something, right? So yeah. But she was nicer than that and actually just asked the guy to ask assistance at the office. The guy came back probably 5000 words after (our hema teacher talks way too fast) and then the somehow office guy talked to our instructor or some stuff and it seems to be clearer to our instructor all of a sudden. Okay that happened. 

The guy who knocked then excused himself from our tumbling minds and told us about his life drama. As a starter, he told us that my review center have been helping his family and his former inmates' families for quite a while now and okay with his story now. He said that his parents are both dead now and that he's the one taking care of her two sisters. He said that he was imprisoned for 14 years. He also said that he'd be showing us products that he and his inmates did to support their families outside the jail. So okay. One of the products featured is a ship inside a bottle. Not as nice as the photo above of course.

It's not even whiskey bottle. Here's the thing! It's actually kind of expensive (at least for me) and the bottle is like ugly but I do appreciate that they recycled stuff but recycled bottles can be pretty too you know. Okay so whatever. He said that they do things manually and stuff and that's actually believable. I saw someone do it myself before so I wasn't as surprised as some of my mates. Then our instructor was kind enough to ask him to sit and wait for the lunch break and then when we returned he was like thanking everyone who bought his products and then somehow summarized his story and then I did hear that he mentioned that he was imprisoned for 13 years and I was just like, where did the other year go? Okay so whatever, right? He then said something like there's someone who came to him and doesn't really want to buy but gave him 50 pesos to somehow help him and that if we want to help too, he would pass a bag to put in our tokens and whatever and then when the bag reached the middle, our instructor asked us to stop passing it. Asked the office guy to get and return it to the guy and contrary to what he said, the higher office doesn't know that the guy entered our room.

While in the middle of our lesson, our instructor asked us who that person is (gave the 50 pesos) and like after asking probably three times, still, no one answered. Oh well. It's pretty sad. I like the idea of people working to support their families but to actually say something that is NOT TRUE, that's offensive. It's really sad what people do  nowadays just to get something from other peoples' pockets. Not true for everyone but this is why I don't like giving coins or anything to people asking for it. I think I have told you this but this is especially true to children and tough guys asking for alms. I just want to emphasize that children shouldn't be the one working! These more masculine guys than the actual working guys should! It irritates me a little bit actually and I might punch someone in the face next time. AGH! I hate it.

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