Monday, 26 March 2012


It's not that I have anything against people asking for alms. It's just that it's really inappropriate sometimes. Like in this particular post.

I go to school by myself. No driver, no one. If you happen to go to the same path as I do, you've probably noticed that guy near 7/11 that's like always there early in the morning asking for alms. I was like, okay, kind of old to work (can!). He's been there ever since I can remember (2008).

I apologize for missing minute details about life. Recently, I've noticed that his arms are full of TATOOs. And you best believe I was mind fcked. Like, seriously. I was like, was he a criminal? Tattoo addict? Whatever, whatever?

I mean, if he was a criminal, then who the F is he to ask for people's money? Why? In theory, he probably did it the hard way before that's why he was on jail the first place. If you ask me, it's a lot better than stealing/snatching/hold-upping people of course. But seriously?

I refuse to give anything to this kind of people like, call me what you want to call me but I have this idea that if people would stop giving to this kind of people then they would probably realize that it's not really easy to give money and all that and that they should earn it. Then maybe, they will find a job, make a living, survive, then everybody's happy. I know I made it sound like it's that easy but whatever. It's still their fault for me.

I DON'T discourage charity in any sense. I think if you're really lucky in life and you want to share to those who're most in need then GO! It's a beautiful thing to share. But if the same set of people would spend all your loving and just wait for your second shower of blessing then there's something wrong won't you say? EXACTLY.

I don't care if these people aren't educated and equipped with knowledge. If there's a will, there's a way. Like, really. It's not that hard to use your skills and all that in life. They're probably way too stupid or lazy.

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