Tuesday, 21 February 2012

LRT Pet Peeves

I really hate it/can't understand why hardcore tomboys (not hating) are still riding in the women section of the LRT (Light Rail Transit). I mean, the fact that you've at least decided that you like girls better than guys and that you dress up as guys, then I don't see any reasons why you still have the right to ride that particular section. I mean, don't call me a hater because I'm gonna be more than okay if ladyboys are gonna ride in that section but tomboys in the WOMEN section? Seriously? No way!

I've seen so many of them and I'd be like "why is he riding here?" and of course by then I'll notice their barely hidden boobies (bigger than mine). Apparently, he's a 'she'. And that pisses me off.

I know it's more convenient and stuff, but for once, stand up for what you believe you really are. Are you confused of your identity or what? Need to be enlightened?

You might say I'm judging but let me tell you a story. Not so long ago, a tomboy with a bunch of others rode the women section where I was in and they're talking about a borrowed camera-phone and this tomboy's plan of taking pictures of girls where they're going. Ha!

So, I just want to say that if you're already living your life as guys, that's totally fine. I'm cool with it! But if you're gonna mess up with the society (me), by still interfering with things that are made convenient for women, that's fucked up.

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