Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The day I wore YUKATA.

For all of you who don't have an idea what a YUKATA is, it's actually a casual KIMONO that can be worn during summer. Because it's quite troublesome to wear KIMONO if it's like too hot. It's actually hard to assemble YUKATA itself.

Why did I wear it? I don't know too. My mom made me wear it. And for some reason, I liked the idea of it and had dad fix it and stuff. As what I've said awhile ago, it was quite troublesome. LOL. But definitely worth it. Thanks mom for doing my make up as well. I quite don't think that it looks very Japanese-y though. But anyways.


I like the hair up thing better. Or maybe my hair isn't really great for this

The thing they put on the waist line is the most difficult thing to put on in my opinion. There should be like a cardboard in that belt for it not to look crumpled or whatever. And the folding is just so complicated. Thank goodness for more "CASUAL" clothing now.

Awesome! :)

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