Thursday, 26 April 2012

Push it!

First things first, my iPhone is BACK! Back to life. Back to everything. Back to my abusive hands. LOL. If you're from the Philippines or China, you may have noticed that the news is all about the rubbish island war or reef whatever that these two countries are fighting for. *sigh*

There are ships guarding the site and all that. And then the government complains about lack of money for this and that and all that and yet they spend money for fuels and all kind of crap and some for themselves of course.

I'm actually pissed that this stuff is happening. And I am taking no side. Although I admit that the Philippines might need it more than China because they're obviously richer and stuff like that.

 DISTANCE IS NOT THE BASIS OF EVERYTHING. Can I just say that the United States of America is like thousands miles away but THEY OWN THE PHILIPPINES. Just kidding. Getting back to the  point though, get it?

When I saw this, it made me realize that there might be a reason why I can't hate China as of the moment. Why? Because the guy who made the 4.11.08 solution is from CHINA! Yay to that!

I actually made this blog post to kind of help people who are having troubles with their iPhone PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. When I upgraded my iPhone 4's baseband to 4.11.08 accidentally via iTunes, my phone became useless and all that (even as an iPod) so I had to have it Jailbroken to a technician and then I stopped getting push notifications. CRAZY MAD! I searched the World Wide Web and nothing actually helped. As a man of science, of course I tried most of it that actually made sense to me. But nothing solved my problem. And so I believed what I read that says "you have to have an active phone to get a notification".

Recently, the unlock solution came out and I thought that I'll start to get  push notifications but guess what? YUP! Nothing happened. Text messages and phone calls aside of course. Because that stuff work just fine. And then I thought of resetting my network and resetting the phone and when I did, nothing changed.

So to guide you properly, here's a list of what I found on the internet, did, and failed.

1. Turning on/off the alert,banner,badges,sound,view in lock screen and other options.
2. Syncing the iPhone to iTunes.
3. Checking the phone's status via iPusher (free app on the app store)
4. Rebooting the phone.
5. All other crazy stuff.

Now, yesterday night, I thought of something. I deleted an app and re-installed it. And then I started getting push notification from that app. And then I deleted another and re-installed it. And I did that to all the app I think I needed a push notification for (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Fring, Voxer, Line, Viber. etc.) and all the magic happened. AWESOME! If you tried to do that before but it didn't work, download it directly to your phone via wi-fi and do not sync it to iTunes. Because I'm thinking that if you sync it to iTunes and all that, it might sync the malfunctioning push notification as well. Makes sense? TRY IT! :)


  1. Oh no , I hate war thing.I hope it wouldn't happen. Distance really doesn't matter. America and Pakistan are really far but Americans are stuck to our rulers and our land - generally!
    Aree With Umbrella

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  4. I'm glad you iPhone is working. I have (or rather it was all my cat's fault) drown mine. And for about two months I had to use the old crappy Nokia until I bought a new one. Though my bf restored most of my stuff to the new one (including all the apps), I lost almost all pics from my month-long summer trip to Japan (I have only those I'd posted on fb - always something!)
    Anyway, your blog is quite nice. I'll visit it from time to time :)

    greets, Joanna Julia from Poland

    Sato - is sounds like a Japanese surname.

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