Thursday, 24 July 2014

To TRY or NOT?

Few weeks ago on iTunes, I was looking for free music because I'm a diva like that and I was like, COLBIE CAILLAT? What is this sorcery? No offense but Colbie Caillat is the first artist I have encountered that I know on the single of the week feature of iTunes. It is a nice song! I was actually impressed and felt like I won the lottery for some reason. Anyways. 

It's just recently that the video became a thing on Facebook and so I watched. In a  nutshell, it's a video of girls taking off their make-ups. It's nice as it is but I don't know. 

Just being a video about girls taking off their make-ups made the song less valuable. I think. Because for some reason, I don't think girls who put make-up are just trying. You know what I mean? Girls sometimes put make-up for fun and just because. It's colorful and fun. Not really trying to impress other people and stuff. Yeah? What happened to YOU JUST HAVE TO GET UP GET UP GET UP? It's like my favorite part. Oh well. 

Here's a picture I took awhile ago without make-up. Just because! As asked by Ms. Caillat, "don't you like you?", I DO! I like me. And I like make-up too. 

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